How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance


Free Doctors & Clinics

Free clinics in your area

Many More Programs and Strategies for Free Medical Care


Little-known ways to qualify for Medicaid

How to Respond When You Are Told You Can’t Get Medicaid

Meds & Supplements

Ways to get free or discounted meds.

Dental Care

How to Go to the Dentist When You Can’t Afford to Go to the Dentist


How to Get Free or Cheap Lab Tests

Medical Equipment and Home Modifications

Medical equipment

Medical Bills

How I Cut My Medical Bills By 80%.

How To Deal with Disability & Debt

Help With Co-Payments & Premiums

Patient Services

The HealthWell Foundation

Co-Pay Relief

Medicare Extra Help

How to Escape Medicare Fees


Learn More

Homebound: If you can’t get to the doctor because you are homebound or unable to travel, “I Cannot Get to the Doctor”

If you try everything you can and you STILL can’t get to the doctor, Social Security will accept that you have a good reason. However, you have got to let Social Security know your reason for not going to the doctor.

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7 thoughts on “How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance”

  1. My cousin is been on ssdi for for years he had his leg amputated after the wreck he hired a lawyer after being denied 3 times the lawyer retired and gave no notice.after 8 months he called and learned his case had been janded to someone who didn’t know who he was.he then hired another lawyer and was approved im 3 months.but he has no medicare and has to have assistance with everything.she said he don’t qualify because of his age.He’s been on sadi for 4 years now and is still using the same wheelchair.who was at fault for him not getting medicare.?and how soon ca n he started receiving it and can anyone be held liable


  2. I’m up 3rd time for disability in 2010 I was ask by doctor was I interested in disability I said no went back to doing work that he told me not to do oilfield rigs is all of done since I was 18 now in 2015 I’m really hurting to much to continue so I move back to to Al. from Ms. and it’s bee hell do you have any advice


  3. i’m in texas and have been trying to get out for 5 years awawy from my abusive parents hosue doing all the right things with only toxic job offers and no ability to save up with consistent emergencies coming able bodied but carpal tunnel and mentally ill….now 4 months into fibro and more physically disabled and documenting started for actual disability and seeing get the hell out of texas feels depressing because i couldn’t being black genderqueer and marganlized working poor able bodied and now it’s even harder when driving and working 40 hours is all i can do with a strain on my body….. 😦 dishearntning as a newbie disabled and sad feeling hopeless reading that. wish i had offline support to get out of texas and here.


    1. Hi Jessica,

      So sorry to hear what you are going through. Some areas in Texas do have free clinics, hospital charity care, or other services listed on this page.

      Texas did not expand medicaid and also cut its medicaid program for the aged, blind or disabled, making it more difficult for people to access healthcare there 😦

      Please do try some of the other things on this page. I hope something else here may work for you.


  4. Thank you so much!!!! This is incredibly helpful. I have no money to my name and am forced to live in a very verbally and emotionally abusive situation. I need out to get well. Thank you again!!


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