How To Get Your Doctor to Fill Out Disability Paperwork

Many doctor's have an "office policy" that they won't fill out Social Security disability paperwork. If this happens to you, don't lose hope. We have heard from many readers who found smart ways to still get the paperwork they needed! What's Up, Doc? If your doctor does not want to fill out paperwork, there are… Continue reading How To Get Your Doctor to Fill Out Disability Paperwork

How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance

  Free Doctors & Clinics Free clinics in your area Many More Programs and Strategies for Free Medical Care Medicaid Little-known ways to qualify for Medicaid How to Respond When You Are Told You Can’t Get Medicaid Meds & Supplements Ways to get free or discounted meds. Dental Care How to Go to the Dentist… Continue reading How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance

How To Tell If You Are Seeing Mr. Right

Social Security has some very specific ideas about what kind of doctor they would like you to see. There are certain doctors they’ve decided are the right kind. These are called "Acceptable Medical Sources." You are not required to have all of your doctors be Acceptable Medical Sources. However, it can be extremely helpful and… Continue reading How To Tell If You Are Seeing Mr. Right