How Marigold Got Approved in Six Months

Artwork: Robin Mead

Seven steps Marigold took to win her claim:

  1. On my application I described how my symptoms disabled me daily: Being bedridden, unable to drive, unable to think, and a loss of cognitive functioning where I could barely finish a sentence. It took me a long time to put together and I asked for several extensions to prepare it because those forms are not easy to fill out when you don’t have the brain power or health to do it.
  1. I asked for help. My sister typed my application and wrote down that it was not my writing.
  1. I went to a lot of doctors in a year’s time. Social Security gives the most consideration to recent records.
  1. I had files from over ten doctors. I had good doctors who knew what to put in the files.
  1. My claim also included a psychological diagnosis, plus records from my psychiatrist and therapist.
  1. I included letters from my former employers attesting to my decline
  1. I included letters from family and friends and who have witnessed my decline from well-functioning and hard-working to not being able to function.

I worked a steady career for twenty years. I went from a highly-functioning person to someone who could not function at all. I was approved fairly quickly. Hope this all helps.

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