How to Have Doctor Visits that Create Accurate Records

Art: Robin Mead

How to Stop Hiding From Your Doctor

💮 What you say during doctor visits can be very important.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Disability Case

💮 It is really helpful to let your doctor know if you are applying for disability (or already on disability) and find out if you have her support.

How to Talking to Your Doctor Can Help (or hurt) Your Disability Case

💮 Learn from the pros. (Tips from readers).

What is My Doctor Writing About Me?

💮 Many people have no idea the kinds of things doctor’s write in their notes. It may surprise you!

Dahlia Finds a Surprise in Her Medical Records

💮 A really great story that will help you understand way more about how conversations with your doctor can affect your records.

How Acacia Got Approved

💮 Acacia was approved for mental health – not because of anything she said at her doctor, but because of what her doctors saw and observed during visits.

How to Please the Social Security Gods

💮 The Social Security gods are happy when you are seeing your doctor regularly and following your doctor’s treatment suggestions. There are a few exceptions.

How to Help a Friend Get Approved for Disability

💮 Magnolia’s friend went with her to the doctor to help make sure all her symptoms were being accurately recorded.

How to Answer Tricky Questions at the Doctor’s Office

💮 Why can’t you work? What activities do you do? Can you manage your own finances?

Common Regrets at the Doctor’s Office

💮  Luckily, you can read this, and you won’t have any regrets

How to Keep a Symptom Diary

💮  Some people keep a symptom diary them notice and remember things to bring up with their doctor.


💮  If you have A Doctor Who Won’t Fill Out Paperwork

💮  If you need to Find a Doctor to Help With Disability Documentation

💮  If you can’t afford or can’t get to the doctor: “I Cannot Get to the Doctor”

💮  If you need to Explain Why You Haven’t Been to the Doctor

💮 If you discover a problem: How to Fix Medical Records

Articles from Disability Lawyers

💮 Common topics that can cause problems in medical records

💮 Can You Get Disability if You’ve Used Alcohol or Drugs?

💮 Social Security Disability Benefits and Drug and Alcohol Use

Learn More

💮 How to Work with Your Doctor to Get Great Disability Documentation

💮 Rebecca’s Amazing System for Organizing Medical Appointments

💮 This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability 

💮 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

💮 Page Updated: 7/1/19


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5 thoughts on “How to Have Doctor Visits that Create Accurate Records”

  1. I shared your blog on my Facebook group for Spinal Stenosis. We have a lady going in for her disability appointment tomorrow, she’s been denied twice. I am hoping your great resources will help her get the right info on the doctor’s form this time.


  2. thank you for this site! I am disabled and have used your site over and over. I hope you know how many people you are blessings doing this. Thank you!


  3. I’m so glad you have this page. You have covered everything that I’ve been through along with how I feel. Thank You.


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