How to Follow the SSI Food Regs

SSI sure does have a lot of rules.

Not only that… they have a lot of rules they don’t tell you!

Then they get mad at you for not following the rules you did not know you were supposed to be following and they want some of their money back.

Aren’t you glad you are here reading this so that will never happen to you?

Here’s how to stay out of hot water with food and grocery bills


  • You buy your food with your SSI money
  • You use food stamps
  • You use food banks, soup kitchens, other government and nonprofit programs
  • You do all your own shopping and buy all your own food
  • Someone else shops for you, but you give them your money or food stamps card
  • You pay for all your own food
  • You live with your spouse and your spouse pays for your food
  • You share food with others and you pay your share of grocery bill
  • You share food with others and food is included in the rent
  • You use child support to pay the child’s share of food


  • Someone who is not your spouse is paying for your food
  • Someone who is not your spouse is giving you free food
  • You are sharing food with other people and not paying your share
  • You are using child support to pay for both your kid’s food and your own food



What if I go to someone’s house for dinner? Or a potluck at church?

The rules don’t mention what happens if you share an occasional meal, but I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for having Christmas dinner at their mom’s house. I have always understood the rules to mean you are paying your own grocery bills at your home or at the place where you regularly eat.

What Happens if I Do Something on the Yes List?

Your check will either stay the same or go up. It depends where your check is now.

What Happens if I Do Something on the No List?

Your check will either stay the same or go down. It depends where your check is now.

Can food be included in my rent?

Yes, but your rent must be calculated to be the right amount, plus the cost of food must be added into the rent.

Is it OK to share food?

Sharing food won’t make your Social Security check go down but your food stamps may be denied or very low

Learn More About

How the SSI Regs Can Make Your Check Go Up or Down

5 thoughts on “How to Follow the SSI Food Regs”

  1. Hello yet again sleepygirl 😁
    The food cost hasn’t been added into the rent and utilities monthly cost.
    Yes it is expressed in the agreement that I will be paying for my own food and supplies as will the other tenants. Along with not sharing food and supplies.
    I don’t know what the rest are paying for food. Do I have to add the estimated cost in the rental agreement?
    Yes I have more questions, sorry


    1. I don’t think you need to provide info on food – most leases don’t include anything about food. I don’t think SSA asks for specific proof about food (What proof could people give?) 🙂


      1. Ok sorry I’m just freakin out on what they’re going to want to know. My friend that I’ll be renting from, typed up the agreement like it’s an ssi form lol.
        I’m going in the morning now (few days early)
        I won’t talk about food either I promise 😊


          1. Thanks for that, sleepygirl
            It’s all typed and signed (even my middle name)
            Last time my full name was typed out on something it was an ssi letter.
            This is the real deal! Yowsers 😀


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