How To Get Help from The Amazing SOAR Program

SOAR is an amazing program that helps people who are homeless or at risk for becoming homeless with their disability applications.

SOAR is totally free! Totally! Always.

Unfortunately, SOAR is not available in all areas. If you are able to get help from SOAR, you are very lucky! They can help a LOT.

Who Can Use SOAR?

SOAR is designed to help people who are homeless or “at risk for homelessness.”

You do not need to be sleeping on the street. You may be eligible if you have an eviction notice or no money to pay rent, or you are temporarily staying with someone who has asked you to move out but you have nowhere to go, or you are living in a condemned building, or you are being released from prison or an institution, or you are in a transitional housing with a time limit, or you are living in a shelter or supportive housing program.

Most SOAR programs require a diagnosis of serious mental illness, but some SOAR programs will work with you if your condition is physical.

Some SOAR programs will only work with people that have difficulty with filling out forms and attending meetings and would be unable to complete the process on their own.

Does SOAR Work? 

SOAR does incredible work in helping people who are disabled and homeless or at risk for homelessness.

Some areas have amazing outcomes. In Philadelphia, the success rate is 96%! In Nashville it is 99%!

The national approval rate for initial applications is 67% with SOAR and 33% without SOAR.

Initial Aps & Appeals

For initial applications: SOAR specializes in initial applications. If it were my application, I would always try to work with SOAR if they were willing to help me.

For appeals: Some SOAR programs do appeals, some do not. Many SOAR workers are not trained in appeals. In the dream world, you could get a lawyer plus get help from a SOAR worker.

With and Without SOAR 

Applications with SOAR:

  • Cost = $0
  • Average Approval Time = 3 months
  • Chances of Initial Approval = 67%

Applications Without SOAR:

  • Cost = With lawyer: Up to $6,000, Without lawyer: $0
  • Average Approval Time = 5 months – 2 years
  • Chances of Initial Approval = 33%

What Will SOAR Write About Me

If you work with SOAR, they will create a Medical Summary Report about you and your medical history. These reports are very unique – they are something that will not be done by a doctor, lawyer or regular caseworker. Only SOAR does them. They can be a great help and make a huge difference in your case.

Your SOAR caseworker may ask you a lot of questions. All of your answers may go into the report. They will also observe the way you dress, speak, and act and how well you are able to function, focus, concentrate, interact with people, and remember things. All of these things may also go into your Medical Summary Report.

In addition, your SOAR caseworker will help you collect your medical records and help manage your application and appointments.

Website & Warnings

I am a little reluctant to give you the link to the SOAR website, because I have seen many people go to the website and immediately give up on using SOAR! These are the main issues people have told me:

  • After looking at the website, they think they need to have an addiction to qualify for SOAR. Not true! The website just says the word “addiction” a lot.
  • After looking at the website, they think there is no SOAR program in their area. Maybe not true! Many of the SOAR programs and areas are not listed on the website. You may have to make several phone calls or send several emails to find the program in your area.
  • After looking at the website, they are confused by SOAR and don’t believe it will help them. Not true! SOAR greatly helps people, but the website is designed as a training tool for caseworkers, not for ordinary folk like you and I.

I now present to you the SOAR website. Whatever happens, just remember: SOAR is AMAZING…

Contact SOAR:

Sample Medical Summary Reports:

2016 Outcomes.png

SOAR: SSI/SSDI Outreach Access & Recovery

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

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