How to Go to Voc Rehab

Art: Robin Mead

Vocational Rehabilitation programs are designed to help people with disabilities find jobs. They may be able to give you free testing and assessments in your job skills, physical abilities, and mental abilities.

There are two ways this might help you:

🍭 If they find that there is employment you can do, they can help you find a job or help you get training for a job.

🍭  If they find that you are too disabled to hold a job, then the testing and records from the program can help your disability application.

Where to Find Vocational Rehabilitation

Here’s a Directory of State Rehabilitation Programs (contact your state program to find a local program in your town or city)

In order to get into the program, you may need a form or documentation from your doctor showing you are impaired or disabled. You do not need to be approved for disability.


If you enroll in Vocational Rehabilitation you should know that Social Security may collect and read all files from the programs. This means not just medical test results, but any notes written by anyone you speak with at any time.

On the other hand, if you enroll in Vocational Rehabilitation you should know that Social Security may not collect and read all files from the programs. If you want to make sure they see everything it’s a very very good idea to collect it all yourself.

Tips from Juniper

I used to work for a Voc Rehab program. My advice is to ask them if you can get any testing from someone who can do a Functional Vocational Evaluation. Rehabilitation counselors are helpful.

Violet’s Story

I went to my local vocational rehabilitation program. They sent me for free testing at a neuropsychologist who did vocational testing. After that, I attempted an introductory computer class at a local community college, but wound up failing. I was approved at my next disability reviews with no problems. I used to be pre-med, but after this illness took it’s toll on me, my mind is a blank slate filled with holes.

Marigold’s Story

I got approved for services through Vocational Rehabilitation for a diagnosis of depression (I actually have ME/CFS but it’s poorly documented).

The intention of vocational rehabilitation is to… be vocationally rehabilitated. They can get you all kinds of testing and then based on that testing they will try to help you find a job you can do. If during your work with them it becomes obvious that your disability is going to impair your ability to work at anything – then they may declare that you are too disabled to work and you will stop being in the program.

Try to be consistent and accurate in describing your symptoms and limitations during every visits with your vocational rehab counselor and every medical professional you see.

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