The Perfect Cure for Social Distancing


Many dogs and cats in shelters are lonely and lacking care during the current crisis. You may be feeling a bit cooped up and anxious… but they are locked in actual cages.

Nina looks so sad in this tiny, cold cage. Come get her!

🧡 Now is a wonderful time to adopt or foster and give them a safe, loving place to stay for a while.

🧡 A foster pet is a way to temporarily have a dog or cat in your home so they have somewhere to stay besides being locked in a shelter. It is not a long term commitment

🧡 Warning: You may fall in love and decide to adopt long term. We can’t stop this from happening.

🧡 Find your new best friend. See pics of dogs and cats near you: Shelter Pet Project

🧡 CNN says: Your Pets Won’t Give You Coronavirus. So, Hug Away.

Tink in Dallas
Why does no one love me enough to choose me? Tink in Dallas. Come get him!

Covering Costs

🧡 If you foster a senior pup, Susie’s senior dogs will pay for food, supplies and medicine.

🧡 Some shelters have “Seniors for Seniors” programs that provide ongoing, free vet care for senior cats and dogs adopted by senior humans. Ask your local shelter.

🧡 Inquire at your local animal shelter if there are any other programs in your area that assist with pet bills.

🧡 You can also check this list of more programs that offer assistance with vet bills. It does not include all local programs.

Nakita in NC
Nakita in North Carolina. Waiting for you right now. Come get her!

For People with Disabilities

🧡 If you are disabled and your landlord won’t allow an animal: Rosemary’s Guide to Actually Accurate Information on Emotional Support Animals

🧡 In some cases, food and vet bills for assistance animals can count as medical expense deductions for taxes, food stamps, and subsidized housing. How to Document Medical Expenses 

🧡 How to request to remove pet fees and pet deposits for assistance animals: Sample Request Letters

Prin in Virginia.jpg
Prin in Virginia. One look says it all.

Find kits and pups near you: Shelter Pet Project


This blog was created by people with ME/CFS (Sometimes called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”).

Being homebound is nothing new to us. Many of us have been homebound or bedridden for five, or ten, or twenty years.

There is now a great deal of support, understanding, and help available to people staying home during Coronavirus, but none of this was available to us all these years, and when Coronavirus is over, it may go away again.

As you go about your day, please take a moment to think about your homebound friends. You may be able to go back out someday, but we may never be able to.



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