SNAP Maximum Monthly Allotment

Art: Robin Mead

Figures below are for 48 states. Also see: maximum allotments for Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Virgin Islands.

Figures below are for 2020 states. Also see: maximum allotments for Other Years.

Extra Special Secret Confusing Rule: When you see the word “household” in this chart, that does not mean everyone you live with. What does household mean?

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.39.20 AM.png

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10 thoughts on “SNAP Maximum Monthly Allotment”

  1. Thank you so much for all your insights regarding food stamps. After my husband was awarded disability, he got a letter stating how much our food stamps would be reduced to. We were prepared for a reduction but not by alot more than half. It took me hours, but I was able to find enough information to question the new “adjusted” amount. I called my case worker and he found they had NOT applied any shelter deductions at all. Per his suggestion, I scanned copies of every pertinent document and e-mailed them to the office responsible for the determination. You are 100% correct – CHECK EVERY SINGLE THING which affects how much they decide and why. (I’m currently waiting to hear a response from them.) It’s frustrating, time-consuming but even if it adds a few more dollars to your SNAP benefit, it’s worth it.


  2. Just a helpful side note, there are no more caseworkers in Ohio at the welfare department, I was directed to a ” case bank” to get back my benefits and its a nightmare, I waited 3 hrs on hold. and I believe it’s outsourced overseas. , I don’t know how to get my benefits started back up again and I have a child, I’m in this mess because I tried to go back to work and only made 500 gross a month and they took my benefit don’t to 15.00


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Laura. Sometimes your Congress person’s office can be helpful when you feel a government agency has made a mistake on your case. Another option would be to appeal, the notice that you got probably has instructions on how to appeal in writing. I assume that if you appeal they will get in touch with you.


    2. I’m in WI. The max FoodStamp allotment here for a family of two is $15. I’m a disabled single mom with a kid. I can’t pay for food either & was told by FoodShare here to be grateful for what I Get. It looks like that is the max benefit anyway. I’ve tried to understand why my retired mother who lives with a boyfriend who gets SSI & a pension get $200 foodstamps a month, but my daughter & I only get $15. The only answer I can get is that it’s all about income.
      I Know that, that’s my point.


  3. My rent went up to 409.00 I’m working my income for wages are 380.00 wkly I pay for utilities also my food stamps was cut to 37.00 for me and my 13 year old son I cannot afford to buy food for me and my son is this right it’s hard to pay for rent,utilities and food can you please help me on what I can do


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