Sleepy Girl Guide to Life in “Low Income” Buildings

Everything in the world you ever wanted to know (and everything in the world you never wanted to know) about living in low income buildings. This page includes “low income tax credits” buildings and other kinds of “income restricted” properties.


How to apply. Where to apply. How to find the best building for you: The Low Down on Low Income Housing Tax Credit Buildings

After Applying 

Good to Know: Important Things to Do After You Get on a Wait List

Moving In

In some areas it’s possible to find: Assistance with Deposits and Move-In Fees


If you are having difficulty getting your needs met or your requests approved: How to Get Help or File Complaints

Need Some Help?

If you or a family member is disabled, here’s Three Ways to Get Home Aides in HUD Housing. Warning: Aide’s income will be excluded, but if you need an extra bedroom for your live in aide, there may be more cost. This is different than HUD housing and vouchers, where an extra bedroom has no additional cost.

Disability Accommodations

If you have special disability needs, accommodation requests can make your housing better and your life easier. Common requests include: Assistance animals, additional bedrooms, communication by email, deadline extensions, and building modifications: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

How Low Can You Go?

Am I Low Enough? Am I Too Low?

Many “low income” buildings are (ironically) too expensive for actual low income people. In fact, they may not even let real low income people apply. Buildings like this usually have both minimum and maximum income limits. So you can’t be too rich, but you also can’t be too poor.

These type of buildings are not as cheap as Section 8 or subsidized apartments, but they are cheaper than just renting on the open market. Rents vary widely and they can sometimes be a better match for or mid-to-low income people.

A few ideas if your rent is too high:

Ask Around

Sometimes these buildings have apartments that are subsidized by HUD. The subsidized apartment may be some apartments, all apartments, or no apartments. It is worth asking your building manager if the building has any subsidized apartments and how to apply for them.

Look Elsewhere

You can also look for other buildings that have subsidized apartments: How to Find Super Cheap Housing WITHOUT a Housing Voucher

Get a Voucher

Many low income buildings accept vouchers. If you get one your rent will probably go down. Maybe WAY down. Section 8 Guide for the Disabled and Plucky


Success Stories: Paperwork and Meetings

Success Stories: Life in Low Income Buildings

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