Sample Letter Requesting Earned Income Disallowance (HUD Housing)

“Dear so-and-so,

I am writing to request that an Earned Income Disallowance for a person with disabilities be applied to my HUD housing rent calculations.

I believe I qualify for an Earned Income Disallowance in accordance with HUD policy 24 CFR § 5.617. I am requesting that this exclusion be applied to my case.

Optional: If time has passed since returning to work: In addition, I am requesting that this disallowance be applied to my case back to the date I first reported returning to work. If my case was incorrectly calculated at that time, I am requesting that any overpayment of tenant portion of rent be returned to me.

Please let me know any additional information I can provide to help process my request for Earned Income Disallowance.



If you’ve already made the request and got turned down or told no: Sample Letter Appealing Earned Income Disallowance