Sample Letter for Medical Expense Deduction for Assistance Animal

Art: Robin Mead

Dear So and So,

I am submitting my request for disability medical expense deductions for my Emotional Support Animal. Attached please find:

  • A copy of my doctor’s letter prescribing my emotional support animal
  • Recent food receipts showing monthly food expenses
  • Receipts for veterinary or other expenses

My emotional support animal expenses are as follows:

  • Food: _____ per year
  • Veterinary Bills (projected expenses based on last years bills): ____ per year
  • Other emotional support animal expenses: _____ per year

Please process my request in accordance with the following HUD policies:

  • 24 CFR § 5.611 which lists medical expenses for a disabled family as a mandatory deduction.
  • HUD policy 24 CFR § 5.603, where medical expenses are defined as any expenses “anticipated during the period for which annual income is computed, and that are not covered by insurance.”
  • Exhibit 5-3 of the HUD occupancy handbook, which lists assistance animal upkeep as an allowable medical expense.
  • HUD FHEO Notice: FHEO-2013-01 which states: “Persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation for any assistance animal, including an emotional support animal, under both the FHAct and Section 504.”

Thank you


🌷 Attach a letter from your doctor or therapist prescribing your emotional support animal. Sample letters can be found on this page: How I Got an Emotional Support Animal

🌷 Optional: The two HUD documents quoted above can be found and printed here: FHEO Notice on Assistance Animals and HUD Exhibit 5-3.

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