Sample Doctor’s Form for Disability Discharge for Student Loans

Art: Robin Mead

Gloria was approved for a discharge just two weeks after submitting her final paperwork. She was kind enough to share a copy of her doctor’s form along with a few tips for others:

Gloria’s Story

🌸 At first, I submitted a letter from my physician. It was rejected. I received a letter a few weeks later informing me that they would not accept physician letters and that the physician’s answers had to be written in the VERY tiny boxes on the application page. I reapplied and this time doctor wrote on their form. Approved!

🌸 I applied for student loan discharge BEFORE I applied for social security disability. I believe it was easier for me to get approved because they didn’t base it on social security review periods, but simply on my doctor’s claim that I am totally and permanently disabled.

🌸 Here are the answers my physician gave on the form:

Describe the severity of the applicant’s impairment, including, if applicable, the phase of the impairment:

“The patient exhibits extra-glandular, organ manifestations of systemic Sjogren’s sydrome (Stage 2). Her impairment is signifificant and disabling.”

Limitations on sitting, standing, walking, or lifting:

“Dysautonomia – Tachycardia, pre-syncope, hypertension, dyspnea, loss of hearing/vision while standing/sitting/ walking. Joint pain and stiffness limits mobility/dexterity”

Limitations on activities of daily living:

“Struggles with bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Currently unable to drive due to cognitive changes. Neuropathy makes dressing diffificult and painful”

Residual functionality:

“Unpredictable. Functionality constantly limited due to chronic autoimmune pain, dysautonomia, constitutional symptoms, with flares requiring bed rest”

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