Sample CPET Results

“Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing showed an excellent work rate of 111 watts (108% of predicted), which indicates good strength.

However, her test results indicate she is considered severely disabled or a 75-100% whole person impairment (AMA Guidelines, Ed 5), as her aerobic capacity was only about 12 ml/min/kg (62% of predicted).

She was able to exert for 8:37 minutes, but the Anaerobic Threshold (AT) occurred very early at 2:17 minutes, a heart rate of 100, and 4.9 m/m/k (= 1.4 METS). This means that Ms. C cannot exceed a HR of 100 or exert more than 2 minutes without risking a flare or relapse.

Test results demonstrate that she is markedly impaired. She only generated 1.4 METS at AT. In perspective, it take 1.7 METS to just sit, 1.9 METS to sit and write, 3.0 METS to walk leisurely in a mall.

Furthermore, her core temperature was 98.7 F to start, and fell to 98.5 F after maximal exertion. A drop in core temperature is abnormal, indicating a neuroendocrine failure and inability to cope with physical, mental, or emotional stressors.”



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