Raden Gets an Extra Bedroom For Exercise and Medical Equipment


Raden was approved for an extra bedroom on his housing voucher so that he would have space for exercise, stretching and yoga, as well as space for storage of his wheelchair, walker and cane.

Raden was kind enough to share his doctor’s letter to help others. This letter is a great example of how, for some Housing Authorities, accommodation requests do not need to be detailed or complicated. Every housing authority is different. In Raden’s case they (happily) easily approved his request with a simple letter.

Raden’s Story

I was approved for an extra bedroom for my medical equipment. The room is also used for stretching and meditation. I got a letter from my doctor simply stating why I needed the room, and that and that was all I needed to be approved for an extra bedroom.


More Things That Can Go In a Letter

Not all housing programs are as flexible as Raden’s! Some will require more detail and specificity. A few ideas for other things that can go into a letter requesting medical equipment:

Sample letters: