My Housing Worker Says I Can’t Port Because It Costs Too Much $

Art: Robin Mead

According to HUD policies, a Housing Authority has the right to turn down a port request to move if they do not have enough money to continue your voucher at a new location.

This particularly can happen if you are moving somewhere where the payment standard is higher than where you currently live. Some of our readers report being turned down for ports over ridiculously small amounts of difference in payment standard (like $10!)

If this happens to you, there are a few options:

  1. You can look to port somewhere less expensive
  2. You can look to port somewhere where the new Housing Authority is “absorbing” the cost (Contact new Housing Authorities and ask if they are “absorbing”)
  3. If someone in your household is disabled, and you need to move for disability reasons, you can request a reasonable accommodation for exception to porting policies. 
  4. If you need to port because of domestic violence or stalking, you can request to port under VAWA lawsL Domestic Violence: Know Your Rights
  5. Here’s a follow up letter you can also try.

Dear So-and-so,

On March XX, 2019, I requested to Port to XXX area, with a payment standard that is $XXX higher than my current payment standard. My request was denied by my housing worker, who stated that this area was too expensive. I am writing to request:

1. Verification that the HUD policies were properly followed in my case

2. A copy of the notification that was sent from the PHA to the HUD office within ten business days of the denial, as required by 24 CFR § 982.354

3. Written confirmation that your agency does not have sufficient funds for the additional $XX to approve this move.

My request is made in accordance with HUD policy 24 CFR § 982.354

“The PHA may deny permission to move if the PHA does not have sufficient funding for continued assistance. The PHA must provide written notification to the local HUD Office within 10 business days of determining it is necessary to deny moves to a higher-cost unit based on insufficient funding.”

Thank You,


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