Rosemary’s Medical Expenses Budget

Art: Robin Mead

After documenting her medical expenses, Rosemaries rent lowered by $70 per month, and her food stamps increased $50 per month. Here’s the budget she sent in:

Rosemary Flowers Budget of Projected Medical Expenses 

Projected Medical Expenses for Upcoming Year:

Medications and supplements:

  • Name of over-the-counter medication – $10 for 2 month supply
  • Name of prescription medication – $70 for 2 month supply
  • Name of mineral supplement – $12 for 2 month supply
  • Name of herbal supplement – $82 for 2 month supply
  • Name of vitamin supplement – $36 for 2 month supply
  • Medically-needed protein supplement = $20 for 2 month supply
  • Total: Two month supply = $230. One year supply = $1380

Emotional Support Animal Expenses

  • food, litter – $1/day. $356/year.
  • vet care – $200 (projected based on last year’s bills)
  • Total: $556

Medical Transport

  • From my house to doctor x on Mulberry Street = 50 miles round trip x  41 cents state mileage rate = $20 per trip. Twelve trips per year = $240 per year

Total Expenses Yearly

  • Treatments and medications = $1,380
  • Emotional Support Animal Expenses = $556
  • Medical Transport = $240
  • Total: $2,176 per year


To make life easier, Rosemary ordered a large order with ONE of each of the above items all at once on one receipt. Then she enclosed the following:

  • Budget above
  • Doctor’s Form to Verify Medical Expenses
  • One receipt for all supplements
  • Receipt from pharmacy for prescribed medication
  • Bill from last year’s vet bill to give a projected estimate for this year

For HUD Housing she also enclosed:

Additional Travel Tips 

For travel, some agencies don’t require more documentation for travel. If needed, Rosemary could also include either a note from doctor stating that it is medically necessary to visit doctor twelve times per year, or a print out of last year’s visits showing doctor visits take place twelve times per year.

If a large trip is anticipated, involving planes and hotels, there may need to be more documentation (for example: traveling to another state to get surgery).

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