Mary, Karin & Ricky Find Home Aides

Robin Mead

Ricky Finds Home Aides

I’ve had best luck with physical flyers in my local neighborhood. I specifically look for people who don’t have care industry experience as I find they’re most likely to be easy to train in my specific needs. Support workers are in super short supply around here at the moment, so this also broadens my pool of potential employees.

I have 4.5 hours of care a day, in two different shifts, and those 14 shifts per week are split between 6 different people. It helps when people are sick or on holidays, because they can cover for each other, but it does increase the load in terms of educating folk and recruiting. – Ricky Buchanan

Karin Finds Home Aides

College students make excellent Personal Care Attendants. I ask them about what they do during their summers before I hire them. Some want to stick around to work to pay for school. Often they will stick around but want to take a couple of weeks off to see family or go on vacation, and I just try to coordinate them so they are not all gone at once and someone else can fill in.

I use the university online classifieds, and occasionally Craigslist. In my area, anyone who has an online account in the university system can post ads. I have one of my attendants who is a student post for me.

I am not necessarily looking to hire people with “industry” experience. I like experience, but prefer someone who is a college student with interest in the medical field, or someone who has cared for a disabled relative, or tutored kids with disabilities. Someone who has worked at home care agencies for many years is usually not my ideal choice because they may have more of an institutional mindset. – Karin Willison

Mary Mayer

In Illinois the caregivers have a union and those of us who have caregivers fight for regular raises for our caregivers. They currently pay $14.00 for unskilled care and more for CNA

I have had success on I sometimes put an ad in the paper or call junior colleges that have nursing programs and have students who need experience. I just recently started using, and have found that very helpful.

I always have someone else present during the interview. I lay out the requirements and tasks and rules up front.  I ask for three professional references and two personal references. I also do a background check.

Ricky, Karin & Mary

When they are not busy finding new home aides, Mary, Karin and Ricky spend their days making the world a better place for people with disabilities.

🌷Ricky Buchanan: geek-creative-disabled-bedridden-internet-citizen

🌷Karin Willison: Free Wheelin’ – life and travel with a disability

🌷Mary provides free advocacy to help people with disabilities get the services they need

🌷 Join Karin’s Facebook group: Medicaid Homecare Waivers

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