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Applying for Social Security Disability 

💠  AVVO – A national online directory of lawyers in all fields. (Hint: If you scroll to the bottom of each lawyer’s page and click on “legal answers” you may see how they have answered other people’s questions. Can be very enlightening!)

💠 NOSSCR – National organization of disability lawyers. Contact them for names of disability lawyers and representatives in your area

💠 NADR – A national organization of disability advocates. Contact them for names of disability representatives in your area

For New Applications and Reconsiderations 

These programs are most helpful for new applications and requests for reconsiderations. Most will not provide help with hearing appeals:

💠 SOAR for People who are Homeless or At Risk for Homelessness For people with a mental illness diagnosis (or mental plus physical). Totally free and very high success rate.

💠 Legal Aid – If you are low income, check with the legal aide program in your area. Most won’t help with hearings, but some will provide free help with new applications and reconsiderations.

💠 Disability Advocacy in New York – Free assistance with disability applications and appeals for low income people who live in New York.

💠 Social Workers and Caseworkers – May be able to assist with filling out the paperwork and submitting the application.

Applying for Long Term Disability

💠 Lawyers for Private Disability – Different than Social Security disability. If your employer offers Long Term Disability insurance.

Other Social Security Issues

💠 Legal Aid – Some legal aide programs will assist with Social Security problems, such as overpayment issues or problems with disability reviews.

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