Follow Up Letter If You Don’t Get a Written Decision on Your Accommodation Request

Art: Robin Mead

Here’s a letter you can use if you requested a reasonable accommodation and your landlord or housing program:

  • Did not respond to your request
  • Responded but did not give a clear answer
  • Gave you a verbal denial but did not put it in writing

Quick, Easy Response

If you get a verbal denial, or informal email, you may not need a long response. You can just say, “Thank you. I am requesting a written decision on my accommodation request.” Sometimes that will do the trick! If not…

Follow Up Letter


Dear So and So,

On such-and-such date, I submitted a reasonable accommodation request as a person with disabilities under the Fair Housing Act. I am writing to request:

  1. Please provide me with a formal, written decision on my reasonable accommodation request.
  2. Please provide me with the name and contact information for the person at your program who is handling the decision for my accommodation request.
  3. Please let me know when I can expect this decision. I am requesting a prompt response as required by the the Joint Statement of HUD and the Department of Justice, which states that “A provider has an obligation to provide prompt responses to reasonable accommodation requests. An undue delay in responding to a reasonable accommodation request may be deemed to be a failure to provide a reasonable accommodation.”

HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equality Opportunity policy on Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications states that: “Federal nondiscrimination laws require housing providers to grant requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications in housing, programs, and activities.”

I look forward to your response. Thank You,


Before sending this letter, you may wish to double check that your accommodation request included the correct language. It’s also a great help if you can submit a letter of verification from your doctor or provider. If you did not yet send your verification letter, you can send it now. Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters for Housing


2 thoughts on “Follow Up Letter If You Don’t Get a Written Decision on Your Accommodation Request”

  1. I sent this letter to my apartment managers that are part of HUD. It has been 3 weeks and I still have gotten no response from them. They keep demanding that they have to send separate verification letters to my doctor for each request even though my doctor already signed a verification letter for all of my requests. How long do the HUD managers have to respond to me? They keep delaying and adding more necessities to my requests. It has been nearly 2 months now that they have been delaying my requests. I simply requested that my care attendant not be considered a “move in” and that a change of policy was requested to not consider my care attendant due to my disabilities which were verified by my doctor; to not be considered a “live in” after visiting daily or no matter what hour they must check on me. I am elderly and permanently disabled. My doctor has signed everything. I had another doctor also send a letter but they threw it out saying it was “because the other doctor was not my general physician”. My General physician already signed their forms. Still HUD management is delaying and delaying. They keep threatening me that my care attendant can not come help me until it is okay’d but they are taking forever. I also was told to put up a camera by police because my vehicle has been vandalized over and over. Now the same managers are telling me no camera even though they verbally told the cop I could have one and he told me to put one up to watch the vehicle. I had to put in a separate request for just the camera. My doctor already signed the verification that I needed it due to having blood pressure issues now with all this stress. But they are telling me the request has to be a separate request. It is making my doctor mad and now she is getting resistant to wanting to be involved with the management groups insanity.


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