I’m on Social Security. What is The Best and Easiest Way to Get a Stimulus Check?

Art: Robin Mead

Do I Need to Sign Up to Get a Check?

Most people on Social Security will automatically get payments and don’t need to do anything. However, you may still need to sign up or file taxes if one of these things are true:

  • You have children under 17 or
  • You first started receiving Social Security after January 1, 2020.

I Need to Sign Up! Where Do I Sign Up?

If you’ve already filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019, you don’t need to do anything else. Your stimulus check will come automatically.

If not, go here: Three Places to Sign Up For Stimulus Checks

What if My Child is Under 17 and On Social Security? 

Does not matter. You need to either sign up or file taxes or the child won’t get a payment.

What if My Child is 17 or 18? 

Look here: Stimulus Checks Tips for Parents

What if My Child is an Adult and a Dependent? 

Look here: Stimulus Checks for Adults Who are Dependents

Where Will I Get My Check?

If you filed taxes or signed up, it the check will go directly to whatever bank account information you listed.

If you are on Social Security, the check will go to wherever you get your usual Social Security check (bank or direct express card).

If the IRS and Social Security don’t have bank information for you, they will mail you a paper check.

Why Does the IRS Tool Say It’s Not for People on Social Security?

Some places on the IRS site makes it sound as if you should not use their sign-up tool if you are on Social Security. Ignore this. Social Security and the IRS both make it clear: if you have kids, you should sign up.


🧡 The fastest and easiest way to get your stimulus check is to have a bank account. If you’ve been been turned down when you tried to open a bank account, you might try one of these second chance banks.

🧡 If you don’t have a bank account, you will be mailed a paper check. It may take longer. 

🧡 If you receive your Social Security on a DirectExpress card, will your stimulus payment be sent there? Answer from Social Security: “Beneficiaries will receive these payments by direct deposit or by paper check, just as they would normally receive their Social Security benefits.” As you can see, the answer isn’t very clear. Stay tuned.

Tips for Parents

Tips for parents, including parents with kids who are 17 or 18, parents of young children, and parents of adult disabled children: Stimulus Checks Tips for Parents 


🧡 For people with children under age 17: Is it too late to sign up your kids to get stimulus payments? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are on some form of Social Security payments, and you did not file taxes, it may be too late this year: Is it Too Late To Sign Up My Kids For Stimulus Payments?

🧡 Many readers are writing to ask what happens if they have a representative payee for their disability check. The answer is: Nothing. Having a payee has no impact on stimulus checks. All that matters if whether or not you were claimed as a dependent on taxes or on stimulus sign up forms. Stimulus Checks for Adults Who are Dependents

🧡 For people with payees, where does your stimulus check go? If you signed up using the IRS tool, your check will go to whatever bank account you listed, or if you didn’t list one, you’ll be mailed a paper check. If you didn’t sign up, then your check will go to wherever your Social Security payment usually goes.

Stay Tuned

Above is all information currently available. Things could change. We are continually updating this page. Please check back. For more updates, you can also join our Facebook Page

Learn more

🧡 The Disabled Person’s Guide to Stimulus Checks

Remember ME

This blog was created by people with ME/CFS (Sometimes called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”).

Being homebound is nothing new to us. Many of us have been homebound or bedridden for five, or ten, or twenty years.

There is now a great deal of support, understanding, and help available to people staying home during Coronavirus, but none of this was available to us all these years, and when Coronavirus is over, it may go away again.

As you go about your day, please take a moment to think about your homebound friends. You may be able to go back out someday, but we may never be able to.


53 thoughts on “I’m on Social Security. What is The Best and Easiest Way to Get a Stimulus Check?”

  1. I have been getting SSI. I have direct deposit. Never filed and I have no children. I read I was not to do anything. I went on find my payment. No available information. I’m confused. Please help


    1. I’m on SSDI as a DAC and as of 1:30am on May 7th, I haven’t gotten mine.

      I’m worried about slipping through the cracks.


        1. My check was scheduled for April 29th!! Now Aug no 1ST check yet and yes my social security goes to my bank direct deposit. So wheres my stimulus check?? I check bank daily. Had traced at post office. IRS.GOV and numbers been no HELP. Im 68 was evicted i need help locating my check if lost stolen cashed!!! Everything thing you say if on social security your stimulus check will go there like social security does. Or paper check debit card. I want some answers soon. This not right…


  2. i have no income. my husband is disabled and has been on ssi for about 5 years. we don’t make enough to have to file. but i can’t find any news anywhere if i will receive a check automatically or if i need to file. i submitted a return several times through the irs.gov site. it keeps coming back with rejected. i am so confused. anyone know any thing about this.


  3. Hi Sleepygirl! 🙂 Been a while, but am so glad to see you doing such great things with your site. It’s even more impressive now!
    I stopped by because just looking at stimulus payment info as everyone is (I’m on SSI only, and my daughter is now 17). After much thought, I decided to try and go through the stimulus registration via turbo tax as was recommended here. It was accepted (Received an email saying it was accepted) and I had no problems filling it out.
    However, I see the IRS website just added some new information for various forms of social security, etc with links, free file etc. Now I’m wondering if I should try and fill this out too, or leave it be? I literally did turbo tax this morning, and just saw the irs website updated sometime today, don’t think it was this morning because this information clearly wasn’t there earlier today. Should I have waited? Does it make a difference? I did feel that being on ssi only, I had to do something..which is why I did. Should I fill this new free file thing IRS has on their website? Please advise. Thank you in advance.
    Take care ❤️


  4. So, what if you recieve both SSDI & SSI? I didn’t file taxes this year (& as far as I know have never been required to, so I have not filed since recieving benefits ie for years.)

    I have a 1099, would it behoove me to apply for a check using turbo tax, taxfreeusa ???

    Sorry if the inference is on your websites, I’m just missing it!

    Thank you!


    1. “If you are on SSI plus another form of Social Security, you can sign up now, or you can wait and get your check sent automatically at some future point. WARNING: If you have children under age 17, you must file or you will lose $500.”


      1. What about people who receive ssi and survivor benefits on a Direct Express card?? I am the representative payee for my grandchildren who receive ssi and survivor benefits..will thos benefits be automatically deposited on the Direct Express card and are they eligible for the stimilus??


        1. SSA really needs to get on this and clear this matter up for millions of Americans who are on SSI and receive their monthly payment on a Direct Express card, which by the way is not a re-loadable card. I went on the IRS site 4/12/2020 that evening and filled out the non filers form, sent it in, had to verify email, received noticed it was received and than another notice saying it was accepted. That’s it, does not say anything about how or when i will receive it. I might have jumped the gun on filling out the form because i have a representative payee, but everything i entered on the form went thru and it was accepted. At this point it is just a waiting game and anyone’s guess what will happen. Good luck to those people who are in the same situation as i.


  5. Please don’t be misled by the TurboTax e-file process. For 20 years or so I e-filed with TurboTax. When their process says that your return has been accepted, that does NOT mean it has been accepted by IRS. It means it has been accepted by Intuit/TurboTax for submission to the IRS. I have not filed the last two years as I have been eligible for SSI. However, in the past it always took several days to be accepted by IRS and I always had very basic, uncomplicated tax forms. Given the current unsettled state I would not file unless or until IRS & SSA provide details specific to SSI people. Also I think it is very risky to falsely claim even $1.00 interest income. With the low interest rate savings accounts now pay, $1.00 in interest would mean (mathmatically) that you would have had to have exceeded the $2000 resource limit for all or part of the year. The IRS would likely not waste time even caring about this but SSA can be very thorough in questioning SSI eligibility.


  6. After failing with the TurboTax Stimulus Registration Tool (see my 4/6 comment), I was able to successfully submit a $0 2019 return with FreeTaxUSA. Just before transmitting, be sure to choose “Yes” to the “Filing for Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus)” question.


  7. I tried Turbotax and my tax return was rejected. So I tried FreeTaxUSA and my tax return was accepted by the IRS. They have a tab for those who don’t typically file a tax return.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I tried the TurboTax Stimulus Registration Tool yesterday and today (Monday, 4/6), and hit the Retry button a few times both days.
    I get SSI only & have no dependents.
    I had $0 income, but TurboTax did change that to $1 instead.
    I did not file taxes in 2018 & I won’t be filing 2019.
    I chose the direct deposit option.
    I had an interstate move in 2019.
    Upon submitting, after transmitting, I was told “Your transmission didn’t go through. We could not e-file your return for the following reason: We’re sorry, we have found errors in your return which prevent us from efiling. Please return to the “Review” tab to resolve these issues.”
    There was no “Review” tab visible and the error messages refer to return efiling and I know I selected the Stimulus Registration Tool


      1. I’m trying to find out if you’re on SSI and have a rep payee when you get your stimulas check are they in control of your money? The money comes from IRS not SSI so I’m just wondering


  9. I receive monthly benefits through Direct Express from disability. Will I receive a stimulus funds on my direct express card?


  10. I tried to use the turbotax register option. I was rejected 3 times. Not sure if that means I dont get a check or if they will use my ssa 1099. Also I have found no way to have the irs and treasury include my children who I am the payee for.


  11. I receive SSI. Last year I lived with my parents so they claimed me as a dependent.
    I moved Jan 1st and now live on my own. Does this mean because they claimed me that I won’t get anything?


  12. If I’m getting social security and I get the 1099 every year then why would I have to file when they have all the stuff on me even my direct deposit to send it. Now it’s said I don’t have to file but will I get it faster still are is big brother wants to know everything for no reason just to put more stress on the people at the IRS and stressing out the elderly and the sick wow that will make you kick the bucket.


  13. If you filed but have not received an answer stating you are qualified for Social Security benefits, (or you won your case) then I don’t believe you are good to go. I believe you would need to file. I would recommend speaking with someone who is a Professional in this area., a tax Professional, your Attorney if you have one for you case. I say No, Because you have not been approved yet so you dont receive the benefits yet. Until you do, you wouldn’t be in their system yet as a Beneficiary. Hope that helps. I’d recommend just asking around.


  14. Your both good from what I understood reading above. If you receive a 1099, which is S.S.D.I. You wont have to do anything. If you receive only S.S.I. then you more than likely need to file. The S.S.I. Payment is Social Security that is paid to People for different reasons, Examples are: Was born disabled, Got disabled but didnt have enough work credits built up (Didnt work long enough in life to acquire a good strong work history) ,was diagnosed at a young age with a permanent disability that prevented you from working, etc.. Those are a couple of Reasons why some People only receive S.S.I. In some cases People can receive both types of disability, for example they worked but they may not have worked long enough to acquire full benefits of social Security benefits., so they may get a couple hundred dollars from S.S.I. and the rest of their benefits comes from the S.S.D.I. They would receive 2 separate monthly payments, basically 1 on the 1st of the month and the other on or about the 3rd of each month. The one on the 1st of the month I believe is the SS.D.I. and the one on the 3rd is the S.S.I. I hope this information is helpful and accurate to the best of my knowledge I believe it to be so. Best of Luck.


    1. If you have been on social security checks for 12 years, direct deposited to bank and have no children at home, do I have to sign up. Also my check is very low, only income. Thank you.


    1. Pamela, You are as they stated above… Good to Go. Yay.. 🙂 Now it’s a waiting game. I recommend checking back periodically to see what the scoop is with it. That way when they have more information you will know, and not have to wonder what’s going on with things. Hope that helps.


    2. My social security and disability checks are auto deposit as well and receive the 1099 each year as well. I don’t file taxes each year. Does that mean I will receive the stimulus check?


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