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We have (tragically) heard from many readers who had GREAT documentation for their Social Security case, only to find that these documents never made it to the person making the decision!

If you think having a lawyer solves this problem, we have some bad news for you. Many of our readers who discovered lost or missing records, actually did have lawyers.

Should I Submit My Own Records?

Some of our readers have had success solving this problem by submitting their own records to their lawyers or directly to Social Security.

Happily, this works out great some of the time. Sadly, it does not work out great all of the time. Sometimes Social Security employees are more than happy to accept and read these records. Other times they get rejected, or ignored, or mysteriously disappeared.

While we can’t promise a perfect solution, we can give you some tips that may increase your chances. Below is a handy-dandy guide to sending records, letters, and other documents to Social Security (and making sure they actually get there).

New Applications

Request for Reconsiderations (Not in all states) 


Reader’s Tip

From Marlena:

In my disability review, SSA did not scan hundreds of pages of records and doctors notes that were sent to them twice with my long form and tracked as received by the post office. They also seemed to give my doctors very little time to send records on their own. Thus, when the file went for review, all they had was the long form with no medical evidence. I’ve heard of others having the same problem.

When I reached out for help, I was told that the best way to ensure SSA receives your forms and records is to fax them at the number on your barcode page. As long as the barcode is the first page, the records get uploaded to your file automatically. SSA’s own website confirms this: You have a receipt from your fax that tells you the time it was received as well as the number of pages so you can prove you sent it.
I wanted to pass that information along in case it helps anyone.

Thanks for Reading

This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability. 

6 thoughts on “How to Submit”

  1. Great information for me. I am Am disable vet trying to fine out the process SSA. A lot of paper work like the military just want to get it right . Thanks


  2. Becoming disabled can be an overwhelming experience. I was the only working parent in our family. I have applied for SSDI and just got my first letter back from the agency asking questions that I didn’t think I had the answers to. Thank you SO much for the guidance laid out here, and the understanding comments on how hard this is to come to terms with.


  3. yes, very helpful! Although let’s start putting more reliability on the lawyers to make sure ALL documentation is presented to the courts. So many times we hear that we shouldn’t do this or that because it “irritates” Social Security..No, it irritates US because we are fighting for something that is basically ours and we have to tip toe around? It’d be nice if everyone could work together…


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