How to Request a Disability Accommodation for Overnight Guests

Art: Robin Mead

Most landlords and many housing programs have restrictions on how many nights a guests stay overnight with you. If you don’t know the policy for your housing: How To Find Your Guest Policy.

If you or someone in your household is disabled, you may be able to request an exception to these guest policies.

Examples of Reasons 

Examples of reasons a disabled person may need overnight guests:

  • Your disabled child is in a treatment program and needs care while completing the program. A family member is staying with you temporarily to provide support.
  • You are homebound due to chronic illness and experiencing depression and social isolation. Your therapist or psychologist recommends more frequent visits from friends or family as part of your treatment plan for depression.
  • You have an upcoming surgery and will need support and care while recovering. Your doctor recommends a friend or family member stay with you during the recovery period.
  • Due to illness, you are unable to travel to your family during holidays. Your doctor recommends your family visit you to decrease social isolation and help alleviate mental health symptoms.

How to Make the Accommodation Request

If you have a housing voucher, make the request to both your landlord and your housing authority and get permission from both places. If you are in subsidized housing, make the request to the property manager.

Some landlords and housing authorities are more flexible and generous than others. You can start by sending a simple email explaining what you are requesting and why.

If that does not work, you can submit a more formal reasonable accommodation for exception to guest policies. Sample letters: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters for Housing

How Long Can Someone Stay?

There are no specific rules for how long an extension you can request. If your guest will be staying with you ongoingly or indefinitely, instead of requesting an exception to guest policies, it is better to request they be added to your housing as a live in aide: How to Request a Live-In Aide in HUD Housing

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Seven Tips for Staying Out of Trouble if You Have Overnight Guests

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