How to Get Free or Cheap Lab Tests

Art: Robin Mead

Cheap Tests! Free Tests!

  • Start by looking up the lab to see. Some laboratories have financial aid programs that will allow you to get bloodwork and other tests for free! Here’s an example of Quest Labs Patient Assistance Program.
  • Try contacting low income health care programs in your area: Find a Free clinicYou can also check this list of Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Contact hospitals in your area and ask if they have any types of financial aide programs for low income patients. Some hospitals have programs like this that are not well known and do not appear on their website.

Doctors Visits Without Insurance

Escaping Co-Payments, Deductibles, & Premiums


  • How to Get Medicaid
  • In some situations, Medicaid will pay all your co-pays and deductibles.
  • If you got turned down or think you don’t qualify, please check this link.

Paying Out Of Pocket

Help Navigating All of This

Lyme Disease Tests

  • – Lyme Testing Access Program.
  • LymeAid4Kids – For Lyme treatment for those under age 21.
  • Ticked Off Foundation – Lyme treatment for adults
  • Many lymies believe that the Igenex is the best test and gives different or better information than the standard western blot performed by most doctors.
  • If your doctor does not use Igenex, you can order the test yourself and bring it to your doctor to sign and draw the blood. Then mail it in yourself.
  • Medicare will pay for the Igenex. As mentioned above, you can order the test yourself. Make sure to go to a doctor that accepts Medicare
  • Some people report success getting private insurance to reimburse all or part of their Igenex test.

Mo Money

Updated Oct 2019. Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working.


7 thoughts on “How to Get Free or Cheap Lab Tests”

  1. For people who need frequent blood tests, I highly recommend this money- and life-saving program:

    I discovered them when the hospitals in my area all started including family financial resources as well as the applicant’s, when deciding which low-income people do or don’t qualify for financial assistance in obtaining lab tests. (My mother has a nice nest egg. She also doesn’t help me with any of my medical expenses, because she and the rest of my family despise me. Nonetheless, her savings account disqualified me from low-income financial assistance programs at hospitals in my area.)

    I have Graves’ disease, which requires frequent blood tests to make sure my thyroid isn’t accidentally suppressed too much, and that my potassium level doesn’t fall so low that my heart stops beating. Continuing to get blood drawn by local hospitals was going to cost me $800+ per blood draw!

    Desperate, I searched online for programs to get free or low cost blood tests. I couldn’t find free.

    But PALS is so cheap, it’s very *nearly* free! The most commonly needed blood tests, when ordered through PALS, are only $5-30 each (plus a modest $15 processing fee added to the subtotal).

    Please, if you’re like me (low- or no-income and have no health insurance), and you have health conditions that necessitate frequent bloodwork, save your life by making use of PALS!


  2. Thanks for sharing how some laboratories have a financial aid program of some sort. I think blood tests should be free for people. If you need one, it is probably for something serious.


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