How to Find a Neuropsychologist (and how not to)


Art by Miss Diagnoses. Updated: 7/1/19

A Neuropsychologist can perform tests on your memory, focus, concentration and cognitive ability. These tests are often very useful in documenting impairments and helping people get approved for disability. Learn more about How to Get Neuropsychological Testing While Applying for Disability

How to Find a Neuropsychologist

💮 Many people find neuropsychologists by getting a referral from their primary care physician. Some people find neuropsychologists by contacting the office of a neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or school psychologists.

💮 At the bottom of this page are the names of some neuropsychologists recommended by our readers.

💮 You may be able to get a free Neuropsychological exam through your local Vocational Rehabilitation agency.

How NOT to Find a Neuropsychologist

💮 Many people are sent for cognitive testing by Social Security, or by their disability insurance company. Sometimes this works out well, but some people do not have good experiences with these tests, and find the reports harmful to their case.

💮 It is very helpful if you can also get testing done by a doctor you select. In some cases, the report from your own doctor can counteract what the Social Security or insurance doctor has written.

💮 If possible, try to research your neuropsychologist, or talk to them first, and see if they believe in / understand / have experience in your condition.

💮 Warning: If you are applying for Long Term Disability (disability through your employer) please learn more about how Neuropsychological Testing Can Hurt Your LTD Application

Lilac’s Story of Two Neuropsych Tests

When Lilac was applying for disability for fibromyalgia, she had Neuropsych testing with two different doctors.

For the first test, she went to the random neuropsychologist she got referred to by her doctor. The neuropsychologist report stated that she had little or no impairments.

For the second test, she researched and found a neuropsychologist who had training and knowledge of fibromyalgia and had been recommended to her. The second neuropsychological report stated that she was severely impaired. Lilac’s Neuropsychological Reports

Dahlia’s story of Two Neuropsych Tests

Something similar but a little different happened to Dahlia. When Dahlia was applying for disability for ME/CFS, she had Neuropsych testing with two different doctors.

For the first test, she went to the random neuropsychologist she got referred to by her doctor. The neuropsychologist report stated that she had severe impairments caused by mental illness.

Dahlia got approved for Social Security disability easily, but she had another problem! Her private disability company automatically cut off anyone with mental illness after two years.

Dahlia flew to another state to have new testing with a neuropsychologist who had training and knowledge of her condition and was highly respected in her field. The second neuropsychological report stated that she was severely impaired from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dahlia’s Proves She’s Not Mental.

Recommended by Readers 

🌸 New Mexico: Dr. Raymond Singer. Forensic Neuropsychologist and neurotoxicologist. Analysis, documentation and testimony regarding nervous system effects from neurotoxicants (mold, solvents, metals, drugs, pesticides). “Case reviews, second opinions, appeals; specializing in difficult cases.” New Mexico.

🌸 New York and Chicago: Center for Cognitive Assessment – Neuropsychological Assessment – Learning disabilities, concussion, dementia, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Lyme disease. New York and Chicago. (accepts some insurance). Especially recommended: Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp.

🌸 Massachusetts and Los Angeles. Dr. Kaaren Bekken – Neuropsychological Evaluations, including learning style, memory, attention, language functions, nonverbal abilities, executive functions, and social/emotional well-being. Highly recommended by readers with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. Read a sample report: Lilac’s Neuropsychological Report

💮 California. Dr. Peggy O’Toole – Clinical neuropsychologist – Neuropsychological evaluations. Wait list for testing is 3+ months. Highly recommended for mental health testing.

🌸 California. Dr. Steven A. Castellon – Neuropsychological testing. Recommended by ME patients. Los Angeles.

💮 Minneapolis, Susanne Cohen at Noran Neurological Clinic, Mental illness and cognitive impairments

🌸 Virginia. Dr. Matthew Bowen – Neuropsychologist. Brain injuries, post traumatic stress, veterans. Psychological / Neuropsychological evaluations.

🌸 Georgia. Eli Solomon – Psychologist. Specializes in psychological testing, psychological, psychoeducational, forensic, and neuropsychological evaluations. Mental health conditions, mild head injury and concussion effects, dementia, learning and memory, intellectual functioning, and personality factors. Case consultation and expert testimony.

🌸 North Carolina. Dr. Jeffrey Ewert at Carolina Neuroservices, Charlotte NC. Neuropsychological testing for a wide range of conditions including mental health, cognitive impairments, and Fibromyalgia. Recommended by a reader with ME/CFS.

💮 Arizona –  Dr Alberto Texidor-  For children and adults. Neurpsychological testing and brain-based neurotherapy. Learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, carbon monoxide and burn survivors, other conditions.

💮 North Carolina. Hunter Hopkins Center. Specializes in CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia. Please note: Staff is medical doctors and nurses, not neuropsychologists. They do not offer full neuropsychological assessments, but they do offer a shorter computerized cognitive test to patients.

Unclear if Still Practicing

💮 California – Dr. Sheila Bastien – (Neuropsychological testing – knowledgeable about CFS, ME, Fibro and related conditions). Highly recommended. Unclear if she is still offering neuropsych assessments. If you learn more, please comment below. 

💮 New York – Dr. Gudrun Lange. Highly recommended. ME and Fibromyalgia. Unclear if she is still offering neuropsych assessments. If you learn more, please comment below. Neuropsychological Report

💮 Maryland – Janet K. Anderson, licensed psychologist, Towson, MD, toxicologist and environmental risk assessor. Unclear if she is still offering neuropsych assessments. If you learn more, please comment below. 

🌸 Chicago. Neurocognitive Research Institute – Neuroimaging testing and reports. Specializes in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Chicago.

Brain Scans

💮 Many readers report that a combination of brain scan plus neuropsych testing was key to winning their case. Doctors who provide brain scans include functional MRIs, SPECT scans, qeeg, and other testing can be found here: What doctor was the most helpful for your disability approval?

Ask a Lawyer

Local lawyers sometimes know which doctors keep good records and which do not. Many lawyers give an initial consultation for free. Real life story: Pansy called three local disability lawyers and asked them for a free consultation. She asked each of them for recommendations for a doctor for testing plus an ongoing doctor for treatment. Two lawyers offered no information. The third one gave her a detailed run down of all the local doctors and what their strengths were. Pansy found a great doctor and a great lawyer! Links to Lawyers

Google a Doc

In Google type in:

💮 Your town + expert witness + neuropsychologist

💮 Your town + forensic neuropsychologist

Also try:

💮 Your state + expert witness + neuropsychologist

💮 Your state + forensic neuropsychologist

If possible, try to look for doctors who are interested in working directly for patients. Some doctors work as independent medical examiners – primarily hired by large insurance companies and corporations who are seeking to deny workers comp and disability benefits.

Reader’s Tip

If you go to a neuropsychologist with no background or experience with your condition, it may be helpful to try to show the doctor some of the literature showing how these conditions cause cognitive problems, and how these problems can manifest. There are some samples on this page: Lilac’s Neuropsychological Reports for Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

For ME or CFS, readers also recommend this report that include more information on cognitive impairments. From chapter four of the Institute of Medicine Report: Neurocognitive Manifestations in ME/CFS

What Do You Think? 

If you know other neuropsychologists who specialize in testing for ME, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Environmental illness, or related conditions, please post their names below.

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7 thoughts on “How to Find a Neuropsychologist (and how not to)”

  1. Might we see some redacted examples of Eli Solomon’s reports? What was the outcome for the one who recommended him?


  2. Phoenix Dr Alberto Texidor is amazing! He did two full days of testing for my client and the results were very comprehensive! I got the referral through her Mental Health facility. They required her to do a psych eval first in order to give the referral. She was approved.


  3. Unable to find Dr. Sheila Bastien – California (Neuropsychological testing – knowledgeable about CFS, ME, Fibro and related conditions). Highly recommended by multiple people. Do you have a recommendation for anyone else in California for Neuropsychological testing?


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