How to Deal with Debt & Disability

Artwork: Robin Mead

It may please you to learn that there are special laws in place that protect your Social Security disability check.

If you are not on disability, there may still be a few other things on this page that can assist you.

Did you know that debt expires? And after it expires creditors will keep calling you and pretending you owe them money?

Did you know that if you if you send a debt collector $1, you can turn an old, expired debt into a new debt and start owing money all over again?

Did you know that you can get a student loan disability discharge even if you were not approved for disability?

There are a whole lot more things the debt collectors will never tell you, but you may be really glad to know.

Student Loans

If you are low-income or disabled and have student loans, you may have several good options. You do not need to be on Social Security. How To Escape The Crushing Weight of Student Loans

If You Are On Social Security

There are special rules in place to protect your Social Security check. Please learn more about  Who Can Take My Social Security Check? and How to Protect Your Social Security Check from Debt Collectors.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Debt?

Here’s what happens: What Happens if I Don’t Pay Debt?

Dealing with Debt Collectors

If your debt is from a long time ago it may be expired. Even if your debt is recent, there are still a few things on this page it could be helpful to know: How to Deal with Debt Collectors

If your only income is from Social Security, and you don’t own any assets, you may be considered “judgement proof.” This means debt collectors cannot take your money. Learn more: How To Be Judgement Proof

If you are going to tell creditors that you are collection proof, make sure you also take these steps to protect your Social Security check

Medical Bills

All of the above applies to medical debt as well. Here are a few more solutions for Medical debt:

If you qualify for Medicaid or Medi-cal you may be able to get all medical debt from the past three months paid for. Plus, you won’t get any debt in the future, because Medicaid covers all expenses. Many people think they can’t qualify for Medicaid, when they actually can. Please check out: How to Apply for Medicaid Twelve Different Ways and How to Respond When You Are Told You Can’t Get Medicaid

If you are on Medicare, check out: How to Escape Medicare Fees

The Sisters Undercover were not disabled or low income, but they were still able to eliminate most of their medical debt: How I Cut My Medical Bills By 80%


In some cases, there are some special IRS regulations that help people with disabilities. If you owe the IRS money, in some cases you may be able to go back and amend past tax returns.

Learn More

Financial regulations are complex and can change. Please double check and do more reading before making any important decisions.

7 thoughts on “How to Deal with Debt & Disability”

  1. I have been dealing with social security disability for 10 years never have I gotten a dime for my child who is severely disabled, always something wrong or not right. This website has changed everything for me. I answered questions that attorneys and the ssa did not answer. Thank you!


  2. We have accumulated high credit card and other debt. I am on disability Medicare. My husband is on SS and retirement. We just lost nearly 800. income from my disabled son going to a group home to live. We have had to use our credit cards to live off of. Between my Drs. Co-pays and His we also have to pay for our medications every month or a few are 90days. Our medical just our meds will hit about 200k this year. My husband goes every 8weeks for infusions that are 18k for every infusion our part is nearly 300. We have to buy food, rent, electric,gas for Drs. I have now 5 Specialist and each one is about 2to 3hrs from us.I have Lupus and several overlapping autoimmune diseases that requires me to have Specialist for these. My son is 89miles from us and we can’t go and see him like we want for not having the money and my illness. If we file bankruptcy we will lose everything we have. It’s terrible to have so much stress and that plays a part in making me more sick….😢✝


  3. I am disabled and receive SSI, an collection agency contacted me by email, and said, they have a warrant out for my arrest and they will put a freeze on my bank account and my money will be taken that I owe them from my account for payment on a debt I owe, they didn’t say who was doing this, they also said I would go to jail and I either had the choice of paying them or facing prison time, they said contact them back by email and if I paid them, I could avoid all of this, they are asking for $9000 some dollars by a sudden amount of time.i still have the email on my phone

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a very common scam. DO NOT PAY THEM! Collection agencies (and I’m fairly confident in this) never send notices like these via email. Some of these scams are also done over the phone, too.


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