How Laurel Made Damn Sure All Her Records Got To the Right Person in the Right Place

Robin Mead

You can have the best medical records in the world, but they won’t help you one bit if the person making the decision never sees them!

Records at Social Security sometimes get lost or go missing or get put in the wrong file.

Tragically, we have heard from many readers who were denied for this reason. (Including people who had lawyers!)

Laurel did a great job of making (damn) sure that her records got to the right person in the right office, and she got approved in four months. Laurel was kind enough to share her story to help others.

Note: Laurel was submitting a new application. If you are appealing, the process is different. Please see links below.

Laurel Submits Records

As soon as I found out the name of my Disability Examiner (Poppy), I began submitting all my records to her via mail and fax. I think if you just mail things in, they can get lost. Here is what I did:

🌷 I made sure I had Poppy’s name and address so I could mail them directly to her, addressed specifically to her.

🌷 At the top of every document that I mailed or faxed, I wrote (IN BOLD AND HIGHLIGHTED) my name, my claim number and my SS#. I read somewhere that it’s very important to have that info at the top so it goes to the right file.

🌷 I sent Poppy all my records plus Two Letters and Two Function Forms

🌷 For RFC function forms, I gave my doctors a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for them to mail their completed, signed forms directly to Poppy. I put Poppy’s name plus my claim number on the outside of the envelop. My doctor mailed it to Poppy and also gave me a copy.  Just to be sure that Poppy received it, I mailed a copy of it again to Poppy! 🙂 I felt like this was probably the most important document she’d receive, so I didn’t want to risk her not getting it

🌷 For medical records, I already had files and files of records from the past 5-6 years. I also mailed a letter to every doctor (about 20 of them) and requested they send my medical records to me. When I got them, I immediately mailed them to Poppy. I didn’t want to take a chance of her not receiving everything from every single doctor and hospital.

🌷 When I spoke to Poppy once, she laughed about how much I had sent to her. I knew it overkill, but I’d rather her have too much info than not enough. She needed to fully understand everything I had been through.

Learn More

Update: Laurel was approved in four months. Her story is here: Laurel Gets Two Great Letters and Two Great Forms

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2 thoughts on “How Laurel Made Damn Sure All Her Records Got To the Right Person in the Right Place”

  1. I’m a little confusel about the claim number. I thought the social Security number WAS the claim number. There it a claim confirmation number. I wonder if that was what she meant?


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