How To Find Out if Social Security Has Any Special Policies for Your Condition


If you would like to find out if Social Security has any special policies for your condition, there are three places you can look: Social Security Blue Book Listing of Impairments, Social Security Rulings, and Compassionate Allowance List.


Social Security has a special book full of descriptions of different illnesses and conditions. It is called “the Blue Book.” Maybe once upon a time it was blue. These days, it is online, so that name is just odd.

In a bizarre twist of events, the auto industry also has a book called the “Blue Book.” Once upon a time there were these things called books, and a lot of them were blue. These two books are unrelated.

If you can show that your condition is severe and matches one of the descriptions listed in the Blue Book, you may be able to get approved more quickly and more easily. This is called “meeting a listing” and when it happens Social Security can skip a bunch of other steps and just approve you! Neat, huh?

🌟 The Blue Book is also called the “Listing of Impairments.” Here where you can it: The Complete Social Security Listing of Impairments (Blue Book)

🌟 Not all conditions are included in the Blue Book. Those that are included can sometimes be difficult to find. It might help to check: Categories for Common Illness in the Social Security Blue Book

🌟 The language in the listing may not match the language used by your doctor. If you can’t find your diagnosis in the Blue Book, it is very possible that this because it is called something different. But it still may be in there somewhere.

🌟 Tip: Make sure to read your listing, plus all the text at the top of the page. Most pages contain information at the top that apply to all listings on that page.


A few conditions have “rulings” instead of Blue Book listings. Rulings won’t get you automatically approved, but they can still be a huge help to your case. You can use them in a similar way to how you use the Blue Book.

🌟 There are rulings for Chronic Fatigue SyndromeFibromyalgiaInterstitial Cystitis and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

🌟 Update: Social Security recently published a new ruling for headaches. We can’t claim it looks terribly helpful, but it does exist.


Social Security has a special list of impairments that can get approved easily and quickly. Sometimes in as little as ten days. These are called Compassionate Allowance Conditions, and they are often considered very serious or life threatening.

🌟 Complete List of Compassionate Allowance Conditions.

🌟 Tip: If you see your condition listed, make sure to click on it and read the full description. If you do not meet the full criteria, your condition won’t be considered a Compassionate Allowance condition (but you can still get approved other ways!)


🌟 Lyme Disease does not have any listings or rulings. Here’s where you can learn: What Diagnosis Can Helped You Get Approved with Lyme Disease?.

🌟 For mold or chemical sensitivities, here is a page with a list of common Blue Book listings some people find helpful: Filing for Disability with Mold Exposure.

🌟 Don’t worry. Even if your condition has no listings, and no rulings, and no compassionate allowance conditions, it’s still possible to get approved by proving you cannot work and cannot function


🌷 This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability 

🌷 Here’s where you can learn a whole lot more about this topic: How to Use the Social Security Blue Book and Rulings.

🌷 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

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