Hibiscus’ Letter for Exception to Payment Standard

Dear Milkweed Housing Office, 

Thank you for the help your program has been providing me with housing. 

Accommodation request

I am requesting an exception to payment standard, according to the following HUD policy from the Housing Voucher Handbook: 5.3 Higher Payment Standard as a Reasonable Accommodation – A PHA may, without HUD approval, establish an exception payment standard of up to and including 120 percent of the published FMR as a reasonable accommodation for a family that includes a person with a disability

Apartment details

Here are the details on the apartment:

  • Address: 222 oak avenue, apt a
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Rent: $1500 plus utilities
  • For more information, please contact willow management 456-6t3-4678

Reason for moving

Unfortunately, my current housing experienced flooding caused by the upstairs neighbors. My disability symptoms are severely exacerbated by water damaged areas and my doctor has stated it is medically unsafe for me to remain in my current unit, especially as the summer heat sets in. I previously supplied my housing worker with a photo of the water damage and doctor’s letter.

Accommodation request

I am seeking an exception to payment standard so that I may rent a home with the following characteristics:

🔹No stairs between bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. I am mobility impaired. 

🔹Bathtub. Due to severe muscle weakness, I Experience difficulties with sitting and standing up and am unable to bathe in a shower.

🔹Quiet living environment due to severe sound sensitivities. This home is in a quiet residential neighborhood. In addition, it is a duplex, shared with only one downstairs neighbor. 

🔹Central air conditioning. My symptoms are exacerbated by heat exposure and also by noise from window units

🔹Above ground. This is a street level unit, not basement or below ground. I frequently have symptoms and respiratory problems and below ground units.

🔹Access to sunlight and air. This home has a porch in the back in a quiet setting. My Doctor has recommended increased exposure to sunlight. I am very rarely able to leave my home and have become deficient in vitamin D because of this.

🔹 Little or No carpeting. Carpeting makes it more difficult for me to operate my mobility equipment. There is no carpeting in this house.

🔹 Available soon. My dr. feels that it’s medically needed for me to move as soon as possible, particularly before summer heat starts, but it’s been very difficult for me to find housing which can accommodate my disabilities.  This house is available starting early June, which is the soonest I have been able to find something suitable. Most other options I have looked into are not available until July or August.

Need for accommodation 

For the past several months, I have contacted many places trying to find another unit that Is suitable for my disabilities, but have been unable to find anything within payment standard.

Below are examples of some of the places I have looked into:

🔹Bonzai Place: I am currently on the waiting list, there have been no recent openings.

🔹Cherry Blossom Complex: I am also on this waiting list and have not been offered an opening.

🔹Persimmon Place: On waiting list 

🔹Willow Commons: only accepts seniors

🔹Oak Farms: I have visited this in the past and experienced respiratory symptoms. Unit also triggered my symptoms of hyperacusis caused by furnace in living room. Also experienced the building as noisy in a large building with multiple neighbors who played loud music.

🔹 72 marigold lane: up significant stairs, no central air. 

🔹Tulip Services housing: no reply to multiple phone calls and emails

🔹Lily Lane: Seniors only

🔹Dahlia Properties: One property with no bathtub and no central air, one property above payment standard and second bedroom can only be accessed by walking through the first bedroom. 

🔹Aspen apartments: no 2 or 3 bedroom apartment openings currently 

🔹Orchid Avenue real property: Below ground and on creek, exacerbates respiratory symptoms.

🔹 Willow properties: all other properties have significant stairs, no central air and/or do not become available for several months.

🔹 Azalea complex. Available units are Up or down significant flights of stairs. No way to access sunlight. Carpeting throughout making mobility more difficult. Noisy environment in large building with walls adjoining four neighbors. 

🔹 Dandelion place. Carpeting throughout impairing mobility. Noisy and confined environment in large building, available unit has neighbors on both sides and above, and windows opening directly onto busy parking lot. No quiet or private place to access sunlight. 

Provider verification

I am attaching a third party verification to support this request.

Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know any information I can provide you.

Warm regards, 

Hibiscus Flowers

What happened?

Hibiscus’ request was approved in three days. She loves her new home. Here’s where you can learn more:

Hibiscus Provider Letter

Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters for Housing

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