Happy Lyme’s Lymes Lime Limes Lyme Disease Awareness Month

by Miss Diagnoses

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Lymies of the world, we still don’t have disease recognition, accurate testing, sufficient research dollars, Lyme awareness in every state and country, and full insurance coverage for treatment. We should at least get … proper spelling.

Misspelling of Lyme disease as shown on two limes
Seriously — “Lyme” is four letters. Why the struggle?
It’s never an encouraging sign when a doctor does this
Person asks me about Lymes disease spelled with an s
My relative made that comment to me more than a year ago, and unfortunately I did not have this comeback until, er, now. She still doesn’t believe in “Lymes” disease.
I find out they spelled Lyme disease wrong on the preexisting conditions list
Not a great way to get disease recognition.
Drunk guy asks about Lime Disease
You never know what a Random Drunk Guy will say …

Happy Lyme-not-Lyme’s Awareness Month and wishing you all a low-symptoms day!