Four Reasons Why Number of Bedrooms On Your Voucher Can Be Different from the Number of Bedrooms in Your House

If the number of bedrooms on your voucher is lower than the number of bedrooms in your house, this can raise the amount of rent you pay. Four reasons this can happen (plus four possible solutions) 


Family member left the house moved out.


Your housing program changed their bedroom policy. Many people are not aware when this happens.


When you moved in you rented a place that was more bedrooms then listed on your voucher.


You ported your voucher to a new area that has a different bedroom policy.
You previously had a disability accommodation for an additional bedroom and for some reason it was removed.

Possible solutions:

🌸 Do nothing. Stay where you are and pay extra, your housing authority will automatically raise the amount you pay

🌸 Move to an apartment with less bedroom. The rent will go back down to where it should be.

🌸 Request an additional bedroom as a disability accommodation. If your request is approved, your rent will go back down to where it should be.

🌸 Add an extra household member or a family member or a live in aide. Depending on the bedroom policy of your housing authority, this may raise the number of bedrooms on your voucher.