Examples of Requests for Higher Utility Allowance (Housing Vouchers)

Medical equipment that uses a lot of electricity:

Ventilator, 24-hour oxygen machine, etc

Common symptom in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Thyroid problems:

Autonomic and endocrine symptoms causing poor temperature regulation, temperature sensitivity, cold or heat intolerance. Need for additional heat or air conditioning usage.

Common symptom with Asthma, Respiratory Illnesses, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: 

Symptoms worsened from vented air systems. Additional electricity usage for portable space heaters and air conditioners which are use more energy than HVAC system.

Incontinence caused by disability (not by age):

Need for additional laundry usage, high water and electric or gas bills

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

Increased water and/or laundry usage due to frequent hand washing, showers, changes of clothes.

Homebound/Home Often:

Higher use of heat, air conditioning or overall utilities because not able to leave house. Might also apply to someone who is not completely homebound but primarily home, or families with multiple disabled children who are unable to regularly leave the home.

Care workers or home aides:

If you caregivers or home aides spend a lot of time in your home, this can mean extra people in your home who are using gas, heat, water, electricity, etc. Tip: This would not apply to live-in aides. A live in aide has already been included in calculations for bedrooms and utilities.