Do I Need a Wheelchair Inside My Home? (Pop Quiz!)

Insurance companies will not pay for a wheelchair or scooter unless it is needed inside your home. (After you receive the chair, you can also use it outside).

For this reason, many people are denied wheelchairs. And many people never even apply.

Before you get denied, or before you give up even trying, here’s a few questions you to ask yourself.

Pop Quiz

“When I am experiencing severe weakness or fatigue….”

🌷Are there times when I need to brush my teeth but don’t brush my teeth?

🌷Are there times when I think I should bathe, but I don’t bathe?

🌷Are there times when I’d like to change my clothes, but don’t change my clothes?

🌷 Are there times when I skip or delay meals?

🌷 Am I hungry but wait to eat?

🌷 Do I need to pee but wait to pee?

🌷 Do I use up all my energy for the day walking around my house, and then can’t do other things I need or want to do?

Bonus Points: Special Questions for ME or “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

🌷 Does walking in my house cause my symptoms to get worse?

🌷 Would it help me to read this: Potential Dangers of Exercise and Activity for People with ME?

🌷 Would it help me to read this: How Did You Get Others to Understand That Activity Makes You Worse?

🌷 Would it help me to read this: How Do You Know If You Need a Wheelchair?

🌷 Would it help me to read this: How Do I Know if I Have ME?

Answer Key

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may wish to consider whether an indoor wheelchair might improve your quality of life.

Sometimes we get so used to living with less, we lose site of the fact that our lives could be better or our needs could be met.

Next Steps? 

How to Get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter Through Insurance

How to Get Medical Equipment Without Insurance

What Do You Think? 

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3 thoughts on “Do I Need a Wheelchair Inside My Home? (Pop Quiz!)”

  1. I’m legally disabled through Social Security with Severe OsthioArthritis and my Assesment was denied because I live on a sailboat legally in Hawaii. I can no longer walk and I was denied which Kaiser Permanente
    Denied me


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