Disability Accommodations that Can Lower Your Rent

Art: Robin Mead

For people who live in HUD housing, Public Housing, Housing Vouchers, or USDA Rural Rental Assistance.

Below is a list of disability accommodations that can lower the amount you pay each month. If you have a voucher, these will not lower your voucher. Your voucher will be worth the same amount and your landlord will receive the same amount. 

Fees to Break Lease

If you are moving and your landlord charges fees for breaking lease:

Late Payment Fees

If you are getting charged late fees because of when your disability check arrives:

Pet Fees

If you have an assistance animal, service animal, or emotional support animal, and your are being charged pet fees:

Too Many Bedrooms (Vouchers)

If the apartment you are living in has more bedrooms than the number of bedrooms listed on your voucher, and this is causing your rent to be higher. Tip: Sometimes people do not realize that the number of bedrooms on their voucher has changed!

High Rent (Vouchers)

If the landlord raised your rent and this caused your payment to go up:

High Utility Bills (Vouchers)

If you pay the utilities, and they are extra high due to disability:

Going Back to Work

If you go back to work after not working for a while two programs that can help lower your rent:

High Medical and Health Expenses

If you have high medical or health expenses:

Live In Aide

If you or your child is disabled and needs help in your home, a live in aide can be added to your housing. Income from a live-in aide is excluded:

Other Policies That Can Lower Rent

If you requested an accommodation and this led to you paying higher rent or having extra fees:

Sometimes gifts count, sometimes they don’t:

If you have no income:

If your income drops

If you feel like your rent is too high, there may be a reason. If you can figure out the reason, we might be able to figure out the solution:

More policies on what does and doesn’t count:

7 thoughts on “Disability Accommodations that Can Lower Your Rent”

    1. Moving to work Housing Authority sometimes have different rules. I don’t think you can change the rules, but you can research them and see if they’re being followed.


  1. I was approved for a voucher. I requested that the voucher be increased to 120% of the regular amount to get into the house of my choice. I was approved but I’m paying $200 more per month than my last house. If I was approved for the extra voucher amount why am I being charged so much?


    1. Also: once you get approved for that accommodation, they automatically move the tenant portion from 30% to 40%. So, if you have $2000 per month in income, this would raise your tenant portion by $200 per month. If you have less income than that, or if you were already at 40%, then that won’t explain what happened here.


  2. This link doesn’t work.
    Higher Voucher / Higher Payment Standard.
    Basically if your rent is unaffordable you can ask for up to 120% increase in both payment standard and utility allowance. You have to justify it (security, close to doctors, lack of available cheaper and acceptable housing).


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