Courtney Moves Her Voucher Immediately

Artwork by Robin Mead
Writing by Courtney Brown

When Courtney was approved for a housing voucher in another county, they told her that she would be required before to move for 12 months to the new area, before she could move back home. However, her illness was worsening and could not do this.

After getting some great advice from friends in the HUD disability Facebook group, she sent a letter requesting permission to move her voucher immediately. It worked! Not only that, but she also got permission to have a live in aide move in with her.

Courtney’s story is a great example of hope and perseverance. She did not give up when her housing worker told her that it wasn’t possible. It’s also a great example of how mental health disabilities are just as important and treated equally to physical health disabilities. She made her request based on mental health and it was honored.

Courtney was kind enough to share her story to help others:

Courtney Moves Her Voucher

August 12

I am new to vouchers and looking for advice. I just got approved for a housing voucher and it’s in a county 10 hours away from where I currently live and where my entire family lives. I have several mental disabilities and I am sometimes hospitalized.

I also have children that would have no one to care for them if I move away from my family. As well as no one to care for me on the days that I become really sick.

I am reliant upon my family to take me to and from appointments. Because I have PTSD I am unwilling to ride with someone I do not feel safe with or know personally. If I do, it may trigger an episode.

I know that I have to request a reasonable accommodation to port to the county I’m currently in. I talked to my psychiatrist he said he is willing to write whatever letter is necessary. I’m looking for advice on information for my doctor to include.

August 21

I got great advice and I’m getting ready going to request a reasonable accommodation to be able to port where I currently live. I am fully disabled and need care from my family. All of my doctor’s have written their letters and so have I. I am now ready to submit it but….

When I asked my housing worker her about porting she said, “It’s not going to happen because then everyone would be using that to get a free port and take their funds out of their county”.

My mouth dropped because she was insinuating that people with disabilities are trying to get a free pass by asking for a reasonable accommodation.

I am going to still submit my reasonable accommodation request but I have a feeling she is just going to deny it. Can I go over her head? I’m just extremely angry by how she treated me and the topic of being disabled in general.

August 22

I submitted my request anyway. People in my Facebook group told me that my housing worker won’t be the person to make the decision. I’m just frustrated and worried that she will be part of the decision.

One Week Later!

I was approved very quickly!!!! They are working on transferring me now. I’m thankful for all the advice and assistance from everyone in the group !!!🥰

Two Weeks Later!

They are now in the process of transferring my paperwork as of this morning. Within two weeks, I will have my new voucher and start looking for a home!!!

I’m attaching below a copy of the letter my doctor sent asking for reasonable accommodation and the letter I sent, just in case it can help someone.

My doctor had me send a rough draft to him, so he would know what the letter needed to contain. Please note: I did add sensitive and revealing information about my disability but it’s not necessary if you’re going to write your own request. I just thought being as honest as possible would help them to better understand what my needs were and why.

I want thank everyone for their advice and support. I love the HUD and Section 8 for People with Disabilities Facebook Group so much. This group is becoming like a second family to me. Thank you all so much!

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