Changing Rent if Your Income Goes Down (Vouchers and Subsidized Housing)

If your income goes down, you have the right to request that your tenant payment goes down.  This is called an “interim reexamination” or “interim redetermination.”

Will My Landlord Get Less?

No. Requesting that your tenant payment go down will not affect how much rent your landlord receives.

What Do I Do If My Worker Said No

Some of our readers report that their housing worker told them they could not change their monthly payment until their next review. This is incorrect. You can request a change at anytime. The letter below shows this policy. If you run into a problem, you can send the letter below.

How Long Does it Take?

Some housing programs may take time to process a few weeks to process your request. HUD does not give guidelines on how long they can take, but states that the time must be reasonable. Some readers report it taking a few weeks. Specific policies on this should be included in your housing program’s administrative plan.

How to Request

It is best to request in writing. Most of our readers find that email is the best way. If you don’t have the person’s email, you can check the housing authority website, or call and ask for their email contact.

Sample Email

Dear So and So,

I am writing to request an adjustment in my tenant payment. I am requesting an interim redetermination due to change in family income.

My previous income was:

My new income is:

I am attaching a (copy or photo of paystubs, letter from employer, documentation of income change, etc) as documentation showing that my income has changed.

I hope the following policies will be helpful in processing my request:

“PHAs must follow these requirements for interim redeterminations of income and family composition: PHAs must process an interim whenever one is requested by the family” (Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook, Reexaminations, 2.2)

“At any time, the family may request an interim determination of family income or composition because of any changes since the last determination. The PHA must make the interim determination within a reasonable time after the family request.” 24 CFR § 982.516

Thank you, Me

Still Having Problems?

If you still have problems, you can try writing to their supervisor. Letter if Your Income Lowers and Your Housing Worker Refuses to Lower Rent

Special Circumstances

🌸 Some Housing Authorities participate in a program called Moving to Work. If you are in a Moving to Work Housing Authority, your rent some of the policies listed on this page may be different.

🌸 If you have no income: Read This if You Have No Income

Special Note for people with housing vouchers:

If your rent is within payment standard, then the amount you pay will go down to an amount that is reasonable for your income.

However, if your rent is over payment standard, then it may only go down a little bit. You will still be responsible for all of the extra above payment standard. This most commonly happens if you have been living somewhere for more than a year and the landlord raised the rent, or if someone in your house moved out and you have too many bedrooms.

If someone in your household is disabled, you may be able to Request Disability Accommodations to Lower Your Rent

Learn More

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