How to Tell What’s Wrong with You

It sounds strange to say that many people on disability don't know WHY they are on disability. Strange, but true. If you listed a whole bunch of conditions on your application, you might not know which conditions you were approved for. This most commonly comes for people who think they were approved for physical health… Continue reading How to Tell What’s Wrong with You

How Come My Disability Check is So Low?

Many people get a low Social Security check for years and do not understand why this is happening or if anything will change it. Lucky you! You have come to the right place to figure some stuff out. WHY IS SSDI SO LOW? Reasons Your SSDI Check Might Be Low Good News and Bad News… Continue reading How Come My Disability Check is So Low?

How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance

  Free Doctors & Clinics Free clinics in your area Many More Programs and Strategies for Free Medical Care Medicaid Little-known ways to qualify for Medicaid How to Respond When You Are Told You Can’t Get Medicaid Meds & Supplements Ways to get free or discounted meds. Dental Care How to Go to the Dentist… Continue reading How to Go to the Doctor Without Insurance