Can A Landlord Charge Me for My Accommodation Request?

4c41329095da740aafe0062fd55a740c--art-flowers-floral-patternsCan A Landlord Charge Me for My Accommodation Request? Yes and No.

Public Landlords: No

Housing authorities and housing programs that receive direct federal funding cannot charge.

Note: Vouchers don’t count as direct federal funding.

Also Note: They can turn down the request if it is too expensive for them to manage. That’s called “undue financial burden”

If you are not sure if your building receives federal funding, you can try contacting local fair housing groups to see if they can help you figure it out. Or you can just make the request and see what happens.

Private Landlords: Sometimes 

Private landlords can charge you for direct costs. For example: cost to a construction company for putting up a wheelchair ramp or remodeling your apartment.

All Landlords: No Charges for Giving You An Accommodation

No landlords can charge you administrative fees or other fees for simply granting your accommodation request.

If it costs the landlord little or nothing to accommodate your request, they cannot charge you, no matter what kind of landlord they are.

Landlords cannot charge pet fees or deposits for an assistance animal (but if your assistance animal damages the property, they may keep some of your security deposit). In many cases, they also cannot charge for other accommodations, such as breaking a lease early or moving your parking spot.

Sample Language

If landlord tries to charge you for your reasonable accommodation, or you think they might, here’s some language you can include :

In addition, I am requesting that this accommodation be granted with no fees, charges, or financial penalties, in accordance with HUD policies which state that “Housing providers may not require persons with disabilities to pay extra fees or deposits as a condition of receiving a reasonable accommodation.” (JOINT STATEMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS UNDER THE FAIR HOUSING ACT)

Learn More

This page is part of the online guide: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

Facebook Group: HUD and Section 8 Disabled Residents & Family Members

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8 thoughts on “Can A Landlord Charge Me for My Accommodation Request?”

  1. My landlord responded to my request saying they will allow me to transfer & wave fees but not keeping my same rental rate (eventhough its same floor plan & same complex) into the smoke free bldg. So that to me in not a an accomodation. I will be paying $85 more a month.

    So I will not move until I find a home to buy then break my lease w a 30 day letter from my doc & get out of renting all together!!!

    I cant belive this place! I am afraid they will try to come after me even with a letter as they must be above the law.


  2. I am in a corporate owned complex & just submitted an accommodation letter to transfer to a smoke free unit its the same size apt, but in smoke free bldg. This Unit was put up on the market right after I applied for this one over a month ago but move in date was too late. Its still available and may rent soon.

    Well they have “market rent” & she said the unit is $85 more a month!! And to allow me to keep my lower rental rate would violate “Fair Housing Laws”, that I cant be treated special!! Well, I cant afford to pay more in rent and she said I cant use their “30 Day Term” because I am a few days past their satisfaction move in guarantee period. She made me fill out some Request Form its an “Equal Housing” Accommodation form and she said they will give it to their lawyers!!! Now what? I amgetting a letterfrom my doc.

    Love your artwork & blog!!!


    1. How much are they advertising the rent for? They can approve the transfer… but you would need to pay the same rent as anyone else who lived there. They are not expected to charge you less rent.


  3. I wish to break a lease but the section 8 PHA said I can lose my voucher if I do not pay 1800 fee the landlord charges. How is this legal if I need to port my voucher because of a good reason?


    1. If you are breaking the lease as a disability accommodation, they cannot charge any fees or penalties. There is sample language on the page above to send to your landlord to request removal of fees. This page has info on breaking a lease:

      The Housing Authority won’t get involved with this. You would need to make the request to the landlord and resolve it with the landlord, then request the port. Hope this helps.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much for the information. So much I feel stuck about and this knowledge that you so kindly took the time to provide may open an option in my case.


  4. I will like to know in a federally funded section 8 voucher accepted apartment complex can they charge a side rental fee for washer & dryer which is $70.00 per month in addition to your rent when that amount is almost the amount of your portion of rent a month? Please let me know….also is there a cap on how much a late rent fee is after the 5th of the month my lease says $241.00 late fee…


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