This illness took away some pieces of my life and brought other pieces I wasn’t expecting. – Sarah Turner.

#BedFest is an international festival of art, music, video, poetry, and performance (from bed!) Please scroll all the way down to see the #BedFest video, and many more amazing creations from people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.


Every Spring I go to see the bluebells in a little copse right next to the road (so my carer can take my wheelchair). This Spring found me housebound and unable to go.  I painted this picture from a friend’s photo of a bluebell wood. – Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 
Here is my self portrait at age 16. Before migraines, before chronic sickness. Back when I believed I could be anything I wanted to be – Lara Dawn George Henderson
The Blue Tree Story
My trunk and arms are blue from pain and weakness. The terrain is not my friend anymore because I cannot walk upon it and it’s difficult to stand on my own. The sky cannot be seen and so it comes into my room as light reflected in shades of yellow and orange as the sun sets. Somehow, through everything, the leaves remaining have stayed green – that’s hope for living. – Lynne Bjarnason Dunlap

Elizabeth Introduces BedFest

“I try to spend as much time as possible painting and spreading love. The practice of engaging in these two activities allows me to feel expansive, even when I can’t even walk to my own bathroom.” – Elizabeth D’Angelo

Find the #BedFest!

Please come by and visit the #BedFest website, meet the #Bedfest artists, and join the #BedFest Facebook group.


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9.png  8.png  7.png    10.png  12.png  Jessica Walks.png