About the Artist


Elizabeth D’Angelo

Artist, spreader of love and hope, illness warrior, and force of nature.

The beautiful artwork at the top of this website was created by Elizabeth D’Angelo. Elizabeth often paints with her arms pinned to her sides due to severe weakness and muscle spasms from advanced CFS/ME.

In the midst of an illness that keeps her confined to her 12 x 12 ft. bedroom, she makes vibrant work that has captivated a loyal following. Painting is her meditation, her grounding rod, and her calling, but it is the connection with others through her art that inspires her the most.

Before her illness began, D’Angelo taught art classes, workshops and private art lessons in Atlanta, Georgia, and considered herself an undercover life coach, using art to help people to transform their lives. She was featured in an HBO documentary, received a grant from the Fulton County Arts Council, participated in an artist residency at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, won the Coordinator’s Choice Award at the Candler Park Fall Festival and won Best in Show at the Inman Park Festival. She has exhibited nationally at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Ormond Memorial Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Lark and Key Gallery, The River Gallery, and The Metallo Gallery.