When Is My Next Social Security Disability Review?

Art: Robin Mead

How Often Will I Be Reviewed?

There are two kinds of reviews: Medical reviews and financial reviews.

Medical Reviews: Medical reviews generally happen every 3 or 5 or 7 years. Every person is on a different review cycle and sometimes the cycle can change.

Financial Reviews: For SSI, financial reviews generally happen once per year. (There are no financial reviews for SSDI).

How Do I Find Out When My Next Medical Review Will Be?

If you don’t know what your medical review cycle is, here’s a few ways to find out:

🌸 See if it is written on your approval letter, if you still have a copy.

🌸 Call Social Security and see if the person on the phone is able to find this information in the computer for you. Reader’s Update: Apparently this information is unreliable and you may be told the wrong thing.

🌸 If you have gotten a short form Disability Update Report in the past and still have a copy, check out your secret code

🌸 Contact your local office and request a BPQY. This document will include your review cycle along with some other information. (Call local office not national number)

Can a Review Come Late?

Yes, some of our readers report that their actual reviews were late by months or years.

Can a Review Come Early?

Yes. In most cases, working will not trigger an extra review, but sometimes it can:

  • If you start working soon after approval, sometimes this can trigger an extra review.
  • If you are working, at some point you may be sent paperwork for a “work review.” This isn’t a medical review, it just asks how much you are earning and what types of work you are doing. However, in some cases, this could lead to medical review, particularly if your type of work activity indicates that your condition may have improved (for example: If someone is approved for back problems, and gets a job lifting heavy boxes).
  • Joining a Ticket to Work program can sometimes protect you from reviews, at least temporarily.

Can My Review Cycle Change?

The next time you have a medical review, Social Security can decide to change your review cycle. They usually do not change it, but it’s possible. It could get longer or shorter.

This change can happens if you get a full medical review (called a “continuing disability review”). Your review cycle can not change from a short form review (called a “disability update report”)

Will I Be Reviewed Forever? 

Once you reach full retirement age you will no longer get disability reviews. Your monthly check will just continue without change. If you are on SSI, you will still have financial reviews.

Many readers report that as they got close to retirement age their reviews became infrequent or stopped.

What Happens During a Review? What Kind of Review Will I Get?

How to Be Prepared for a Continuing Disability Review