Sample Letter to Transfer Apartments (Private Landlord)

92645daf8f07907cd49db29569c78883--flowers-draw-art-flowersSample letter requesting to either transfer apartments or transfer to a different building owned by the same landlord.

This letter could be used by any private landlord who is covered under the Fair Housing Act (including landlords who accept vouchers). If you are in a low income, income restricted, or subsidized building, look here instead: Sample Letter for Affordable Housing Building

Dear x,

I am writing to request a reasonable accommodation as a person with disabilities.

I am a qualified individual with a disability, as defined by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988. I have a disability which causes the following limitation: (Examples of Limitations)

I am requesting to transfer from (address here) to (list specific apartment if one is unoccupied that meets your needs, otherwise list a general description, such as “the next available ground floor apartment”)

Due to my disabilities, I require an apartment which has the following features:  (Examples of Disability Housing Needs)

I am requesting an accommodation to move to a unit that will be accessible to me and meet my specific disability needs. These features are needed because: (Examples of Descriptions of Housing Needs)

I am requesting that this accommodation be granted with no transfer fees, charges, or financial penalties, in accordance with HUD policies which state that “Housing providers may not require persons with disabilities to pay extra fees or deposits as a condition of receiving a reasonable accommodation.” (Joint Statement of HUD and Department of Justice)

I am requesting this accommodation so that I will have equal opportunity to participate in your housing. HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equality Opportunity policy on Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications states that: “Federal nondiscrimination laws require housing providers to grant requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications in housing, programs, and activities.”

I am attaching a verification letter from my [doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, case worker, social worker. physical therapist, etc] supporting this request.

Please reply in writing regarding this request for an accommodation within 10 business days. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to receiving your reply.

Thank You,


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This page is part of the online guide: Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters

Facebook Group: HUD and Section 8 Disabled Residents & Family Members

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