February/March 2020

February/March 2020. New pages:

Readers Describe Their Housing Needs

Can A Landlord Charge Me for My Accommodation Request?

Neroli’s Magic List of Medical Expense Deductions (SNAP)

Why Do I Need to Collect My Medical Records When Applying for Disability?

Special Notes for Disabled Adult Children Who are Working

Affordable Housing:

Help! I’m Too Poor for Low Income Housing.

Hibiscus Moves Her Voucher Instead of Moving Herself

Letter from Hibiscus’ Doctor: Exception to Porting

Allysum Shares the Letters That Helped Her Family Get a Great Home

Allysum’s Letter for Exception to Payment Standard

Douglas Fir’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Birch’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Chestnut’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Ash’s Letter: Request for Separate Bedroom

Should I Purchase an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online?

How I Got Affordable Housing When the Wait Lists Were Closed

How To Find Your Guest Policy

Unreasonable Live In Aide Forms

How to Get a Mainstream Housing Voucher

How to Buy a House Through Section 8

Section 8 Homeownership: Special Rules for People With Disabilities

If Your Housing Authority Doesn’t Offer Homeownership

How I Bought a Home Through Section 8 Homeownership


Amazing artwork on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo

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