New Pages: Disability Accommodation Letters in Housing


Readers have requested a page that tracks the latest additions to Epic Master List of Disability Accommodation Letters for Housing. Here it is!

March 2020

Readers Describe Their Housing Needs

Can A Landlord Charge Me for My Accommodation Request?

Hibiscus Moves Her Voucher Instead of Moving Herself

Letter from Hibiscus’ Doctor: Exception to Porting

Allysum Shares the Letters That Helped Her Family Get a Great Home

Allysum’s Letter for Exception to Payment Standard

Douglas Fir’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Birch’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Chestnut’s Letter Requesting Separate Bedroom

Ash’s Letter: Request for Separate Bedroom

Should I Purchase an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online?

How I Got Affordable Housing When the Wait Lists Were Closed

How To Find Your Guest Policy

Unreasonable Live In Aide Forms

How to Get a Mainstream Housing Voucher

How to Buy a House Through Section 8

Section 8 Homeownership: Special Rules for People With Disabilities

If Your Housing Authority Doesn’t Offer Homeownership

How I Bought a Home Through Section 8 Homeownership

Late February 2020

How To Get Preferences on Housing Waiting Lists

How to Get, Keep, and Use a Housing Voucher Without Losing Your Mind (Too Much)

How I Got an Extra Bedroom for a Child with Autism

Sleepy Girl Guide to Life in “Low Income” Buildings

Can I Submit a Request for Exception to Payment Standard Before I Find a Place to Rent?

Examples of Reasons Why a Person May Need a Voucher Extension

The Sleepy Girl Guide to Subsidized Apartments

I Live in HUD Housing. Does Income from IHSS or Medicaid Homecare Count?

Sample Letter to Exclude Income for Caregiver of Someone with Developmental Disabilities

Early February 2020

Raden Gets a Bedroom For Exercise and Medical Equipment

Who Gets Medical Expense Deductions? (Tip: Not Who You Think!)

Disability Assistance Expenses Deductions

Examples of Reasons Medical Equipment Needs a Separate Room

Examples of Reasons Someone Cannot Sleep In Living Room

Disability Accommodations that Can Lower Your Rent

Seven Tips for Staying Out of Trouble if You Have Overnight Guests

How to Request a Disability Accommodation for Overnight Guests

Late January 2020

How to Fill Out Live in Aide Forms

How Do Bedrooms Work For Live In Aides?

How to Apply for Housing When You Have a Live in Aide

Examples of Connection Between Domestic Violence and Housing Problems (Credit History, Criminal Background, Evictions, Unpaid Rent)

Who Pays for Home Modifications?

Sample Letter if Your Housing Worker Requires You To Use Their Forms

Early January 2020

Guide to Porting Housing Vouchers Without Waiting 12 Months

What Happens if My Landlord Raises the Rent?

Four Reasons Why Number of Bedrooms On Your Voucher Can Be Different from the Number of Bedrooms in Your House

Guide to Requesting Overlapping Assistance

Late December 2019

Sample Letters Requesting a Voucher Extension

I Have a Housing Voucher. Can I Rent a Room? Can I Live With Other People?

Raymond Keeps His Home (Housing Voucher Exception to Payment Standard) 

Marigold’s Doctor Letter for Housing Voucher Extension

Early December 2019

I Have a Housing Voucher. Can I Rent a Room? Can I Live With Other People?

Raymond Keeps His Home (Request for Higher Voucher)

Letter for Communications by Mail or Email

How To Get a Letter from Your Provider

Letter to Rent from Relative

Late November 2019

Four Common Reasons for Voucher Extensions

Will My Voucher Raise if I Get An Additional Bedroom?

Bellflower Pays Rent Late

Summer’s Letter for Bird and Dog

Medical Marijuana in HUD Housing

Sample Letter: Meetings by Mail or Email

Sample Doctor Letter for Meetings at Home

Letter Requesting Earned Income Disallowance

Letter Appealing Earned Income Disallowance

Reasons for Being Unable to Attend Meetings

Examples of Requests for Higher Utility Allowance

If Your Accommodation is Denied for No Reason

Early November 2019

If You Don’t Get a Written Decision

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction a Disability?

HUD Policies for Reinstatement on Waitlist

Summer Gets Her Own Bedroom

Letter Requesting No Minimum Rent

Sample Letter to Confirm Wait List Position

Letter for a New Parking Spot

Laws and Policies: Parking Spaces

Late October 2019

Sample Letter: Accommodation for Paperwork Problems

Shameka Gets Her Spot Back on the Waiting List

How Do I Describe My Disability?

“I Lost My Voucher Because I Couldn’t Find a Landlord”

Sample Letter for No Pet Fee or Pet Deposit

How to Document Medical Expenses

Is it Worth It To Declare Medical Expenses?

Early October 2019

Late September 2019

Early September 2019

Early September 2019

Late August 2019

Early August 2019

Prior to August 2019


Amazing artwork on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo

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