January/February 2020

January / February 2020. New pages:

Student Loans

How to Make Student Loans Disappear Like Magic (Disability Discharges)

Sample Doctor’s Form for Disability Discharge for Student Loans

Home Aides 

21 Questions To Ask Yourself About Personal Care

Live in Aides: How to Amend Taxes to Get Income Tax Exclusion


How to Request the Social Security Doctor Come to Your House


Raden Gets an Extra Bedroom For Exercise and Medical Equipment

Who Gets Medical Expense Deductions in HUD Housing? (Tip: Not Who You Think!)

Disability Assistance Expenses Deductions

Examples of Reasons Medical Equipment Needs a Separate Room

Examples of Reasons Someone Cannot Sleep In Living Room

Disability Accommodations that Can Lower Your Rent

Seven Tips for Staying Out of Trouble if You Have Overnight Guests

How to Request a Disability Accommodation for Overnight Guests

How to Fill Out Live in Aide Forms

How Do Bedrooms Work For Live In Aides?

How to Apply for Housing When You Have a Live in Aide

Examples of Connection Between Domestic Violence and Housing Problems (Credit History, Criminal Background, Evictions, Unpaid Rent)

Who Pays for Home Modifications?

Sample Letter if Your Housing Worker Requires You To Use Their Forms


Guide to Porting Housing Vouchers Without Waiting 12 Months

What Happens if My Landlord Raises the Rent?

Four Reasons Why Number of Bedrooms On Your Voucher Can Be Different from the Number of Bedrooms in Your House

Guide to Requesting Overlapping Assistance


Amazing artwork on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo

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