Iris Gets Tested


Iris took four different tests while applying for disability. Each test was designed to measure Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in a different way. Iris was kind enough to share her experiences to help others.

Which tests went well, and which ones were bloody awful? Let’s find out:

Iris Takes a Cognitive Test

Iris Takes a CPET

Iris Takes a Tilt Table Test

Iris Takes QEEG Brain Mapping

Why So Many Tests, Iris?

Iris wanted to be sure to point out that she was applying for both Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability (LTD is private through her employer).

For LTD, extensive testing can be very helpful, and often vital. Iris went through three appeals with her LTD company and found that submitting doctor’s letters was not enough to get approved or pass reviews. She redid testing during every review. Many people applying for LTD do a lot of testing! Some readers report that the frequency and intensity of reviews lessens with time.

For Social Security Disability, Iris does not think it is necessary to get quite so many tests. Social Security will pay attention to your entire file (medical records, doctor’s letters, function reports, etc). If the rest of the file is strong, some people are approved with just one abnormal test result.

After being approved for Social Security, many people do not do more testing and are able to pass reviews based on their doctor’s ongoing medical records.

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1 thought on “Iris Gets Tested”

  1. I soooooo need this today!! My Dr feels i should go on long term disability and it was a HUGE relief and comfort to me knowing that as soon as soon as i get home, THIS link will be here to help me understand what to do and expect!!! Thank you for creating this!


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