How To Get Help from Your Congressperson

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If you are having a problem with Social Security or another government agency, your Congressperson’s office can be a huge help (sometimes!). Your Senator’s office can also be a huge help (sometimes!).

Where Do I Contact?

🌸 If you are having trouble with Social Security or another federal agency: Locate Your US Senator. Then also Locate Your US Representative (Congressperson). It’s good to try both!

🌸 If you are having trouble with a state agency, Locate your state legislature.

🌸 If you are having trouble with a local agency, see ideas below.

🌸 If you are not sure who to contact, just contact everyone!

I’m Nervous! What Do I Say? How Do I Do It?

🌸 Don’t be scared of contacting the office of your senator and congressperson. There is a special person on the staff there who is there to help people like you. That is their job! The Non-Scary Way to Contact Your Congressperson and Ask for Help

For Disability Applications

Many people mistakenly think that a Congressperson can help get a disability case approved. Sadly, they cannot. They can help with resolving issues, but they cannot influence the decision.  The most common things they help with is:

🌸 Getting a faster hearing date

🌸 Getting your first check or backpay released after approval

🌸 Resolving administrative mistakes

They can also do a “status check” to check in on your case, but this has no real impact (except maybe making you feel a little better). Learn more about How Your Congressperson Can (and Can’t) Help Your Disability Case

Free Samples

🌸 Two letters that worked, to the Social Security Administration: Sample Letters to Congressperson

Where Else Can I Contact for Help?

More Places to Contact for Social Security Problems

More Places to contact for Housing Problems

More people who may or may not be able to help you:

Local Issues

People and places who may be able to help you get your issue noticed. They may not take on solving your problem, but you can contact them ask if they can make ONE PHONE CALL for you. Sometimes one phone call from someone higher up can magically change everything!

Try Googling the name of your city, town, county or state and the words:

  • Attorney General Office
  • Mayor
  • Consumer protection agencies
  • Local elected officials
  • TV and newspaper reporters
  • City commissioner
  • “Human rights complaint” or “human rights commission” or “human rights office”

Thanks for Reading

🌸 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

🌸 Page Updated: 1/10/20

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10 thoughts on “How To Get Help from Your Congressperson”

  1. Okay so I have SSI and I got married for primarily medical reasons as I thought a power of attorney was nothing I could afford.

    Well the person I married lives with me and has been my caretaker since 2005 and I have never lived alone ever.

    I don’t be think I could and I have no where else to go and in NC you must live apart for a year to get a divorce so given that my only solution is an annulment.

    We’re in low income so there is a lease and with the office right there I just don’t know how that would work. Any ideas or suggestions?


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I’m sorry I don’t have a great answer.

      I don’t know the rules for north carolina divorces and residency. Maybe it would be worth trying to look into what they consider to qualify as living apart? If someone moves out but still comes over as a guest a lot would that meet the criteria? I just don’t know what the rules are for this.

      In terms of SSI, if you stay living together, even if you are divorced, they may look into the holding out as married rules, and make a decision. These are the regs for that in case helpful:

      If you are in low income housing, they might have a restriction on number of nights an overnight guest is allowed. You might be able to request an exception though, since the person is your caretaker. there’s a section on guests here:

      Hope this helps.


  2. I just got approved for ssdi. I’m in need of my money to pay rent. A year ago I had a house fire and I have no furniture. I have 6 boys from the ages of 18 to 7. What should I do?


  3. i sure wish this site would have been available 13 yrs. ago when i found out i had chronic lyme. LOVE your writings and your ability to make it clear and succinct! keep up the outstanding work!


  4. SSA keeps giving me different answers. Do I get SSI (no $, no property etc) while waiting for my backpay? (I’m approved). There’s no assistance in MO.


    1. There is no way I can know the answer to this. It is different for each person. If you are in dire financial need, please contact congressperson, as they can help first check be released more quickly.


  5. My relative was told by social security that it was their mistake but he still owed them $30,000!! He still has a disability and has lost his job due to the illness. What can be done??


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