How to Answer 21 Tricky Disability Questions

Art by Robin Mead

When you apply for disability, you’re going to be asked a lot of questions. Here’s twenty-one important ones that a lot of people get wrong (even lawyers sometimes get these wrong!)

💠  Tricky Questions at Disability Hearings

💠  Tricky Questions at the Doctor’s Office 

💠  Tricky Questions When You First Apply

💠  Tricky Questions Right After You First Apply 

💠  Tricky Questions on Appeal Forms

💠  Tricky Questions at SSI Interviews (financial questions)

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12 thoughts on “How to Answer 21 Tricky Disability Questions”

  1. Hi there, I am finding your blog extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for putting it all together! I have a question regarding my parents SSI. They currently receive $522 in Canton, MI while living in their cousin’s house. They are planning to move to Chicago in summer. I am trying to figure out how to increase their SSI check. I read somewhere that Chicago pays $750. I am trying to figure out the options. Can we say that they pay $600 rent including utilities, renting a room in my house? Will that increase their paycheck to $750? Please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot!


      1. Thanks for replying! At some point, if I am able to find a low income housing for them, will it affect their SSI check? As the rent would go down from $600 to 30% of $780 I think? Please let me know what you think.


  2. If you have a direct express card for your disability payments does it matter how much money is on your card, like you haven’t used it in a few months, can they take your money back? Meaning disabilitty


  3. I am 54 and been on Social security durability since 2008. I was married to my ex husband for over 10 years. He is still working. Can I start collecting his Social security even if he is still working.


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