How and Where to Find a Good Disability Lawyer

Art: Robin Mead

The right lawyer at the right time can make a big difference for your case. Who is the right lawyer and where do you find them? When is the right time and what can you expect?

Applying for Social Security Disability

💮 Want a lawyer? Here’s where to start looking.

Applying for Private Disability

💮 For disability through your employer or insurance. (Also called Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability)

For People Already On Disability

💮 Some legal aide programs will assist with Social Security problems (such as overpayment issues or problems with disability reviews).

How Do I Pick the Best Lawyer for Me?

💮 What’s better an attorney or an advocate? What’s better a local firm or a national one? How do I find a good one?

Applying Without a Lawyer

💠 Tips for anyone applying without a lawyer.

How a Lawyer Can (and can’t) Help Your Disability Case

💮 When to get a lawyer. When you don’t need a lawyer. What a lawyer can do for you. What only you can do for yourself.

Does Hiring a Lawyer Actually Help a New Disability Application?

💮 Magnolia used to work at Social Security making decisions on new applications. This was her experience with lawyers.

How Patty’s Lawyer Never Told Her What She Needed to Know.

💮 Patty wanted to share her story to help others.

Help! I am applying for disability and I need HELP!

💮 Lawyers are not the only people who can help. Who else can help?


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💮 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

💮 Page Updated: 7/1/19

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10 thoughts on “How and Where to Find a Good Disability Lawyer”

  1. I hope you can get RFC forms and appeal. I feel my medical evidence was good but the RFCs were a golden ticket. I think the RFC forms really sum up all the medical evidence into one concise form that details your ability to work/function in the expert opinion of your doctor. Good luck.


  2. Dani Z, who was your appeals lawyer? i am getting ready to appeal the court (is that the appeal you talk about) and am firing my lawyer to either do it myself or find a new one. (CFS)


    1. Hi,
      I am in WA state. I just went online and did a general search for disability attorneys in my area. Then I chose a few that were in my area and researched their web page. Honestly, I kind of just went by my gut feeling. I may have just been lucky in choosing the attorney I did. I was pleased with their work and especially happy with the outcome. Other suggestions would be to check their Better Business Bureau ratings. Maybe look them up on Yelp to see if there are any reviews. I’ve heard that actually going in and talking with them first, an interview, to see if you like them. I wish you all the luck in the world to find a good attorney and I hope you get a positive outcome.


  3. I so love all the information you provide. I can’t even count the hours I spent reading and learning. I did find a nice, small, local attorney office. I researched them online and met them in person. They were wonderful and with their help, I won my disability appeal. However, I think what I learned from your blog was the clencher. Especially about the RFC forms. Had one filled out by my pcp and one by my psychiatrist. Thankfully, I had already changed my pcp to an MD before I hired the attorney! I have recommended your blog to anyone looking into disability. It’s definitely been my bible. Thank you for all your hard work.


  4. I learned the hard way-if a lawyer only wants to speak to you on the phone and not meet you in person before they sign you up, do not agree!


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