Zinnia Uses the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Zinnia’s doctor had never heard of the The Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not surprising. Most doctors know very little (or absolutely nothing) about Social Security policies.

Zinnia found the ruling herself, and then worked with her doctor to get a GREAT letter.

Zinnia asked her mom to help her. Her mom drove her to her doctor’s appointment and met with the doctor with her.

At the appointment, they gave the doctor a copy of the ruling and asked the doctor if he could review it and see if he felt Zinnia matched the criteria. The doctor read through the ruling and they discussed it together and how it matched zinnias condition. Her mom took notes.

Zinnia asked her doctor if he would be willing to write a letter about how her condition matched the ruling. She also offered that they could put together a summary that included her background information. The doctor said yes and said that a summary would be helpful.

After the appointment, Zinnia and her mom went through her medical records and prepared an overview that included all her medical background information according to each category in the ruling. The overview was one page. They attached the most important records or test outcomes. Then her mom helped schedule another appointment.

The doctor told Zinnia that he appreciated that she had taken the time to gather all her records and put together all her background information. This meant that the doctor could prepare a letter in 20 minutes, instead of three hours, so he was willing to do it! It also meant his final letter did not leave anything important out.

Zinnia asked her doctor’s office to fax the letter directly to her Disability Examiner. Then her mom called and spoke directly with the disability examiner to make sure the letter has been received and placed in her file.

Two months after submitting this letter, Zinnia was approved. She never had a lawyer and did not go to a hearing.

Zinnia wanted to share her letter to help others.

💮 Here’s Zinnia’s Super Great Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Letter

💮 If you send Social Security a letter, make sure it gets sent to the right place. If it doesn’t make it to your file, it will not do you any good. How to Submit

💮 Social Security will be looking for a doctor’s opinion on the patient’s ability to function. This information can be included in a letter or you can ask your doctor to fill out an RFC form.


🌷 This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability 

🌷 You can learn a whole lot more about this topic here: How to Use the Social Security Blue Book and Rulings.

🌷 And here: How To Get Your Doctor to Fill Out Disability Paperwork

🌷 Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo.

🌷 Page Updated: 7/1/19


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1 thought on “Zinnia Uses the Social Security Ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. What an amazing article! I wish I had found it 3 years ago when I first started. Waiting on another hearing now. Good luck to us all! Be patient and persevere!


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